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the jungle of xilitla, san luis potosi, mexico

( image:  The jungles of Xilitla, San Luis Potosi, Mexico - 6/12/2017 )

Over the past 8 months, our shop had been on vacation mode due to our abrupt decision to sell off everything we had owned to road trip thru-out Mexico.  To be honest, even though it was quite the adventure and one that we could only dream of, one of the major reasons that had led to our sudden departure was that we had finally hit a wall having been dried of inspiration for some time not only within this organic lifestyle business, but with life in general.  It obviously didn't feel good and some may even classify it as a minor form of depression.  So to cope, we bailed out on our daily routines and more importantly, our family, friends, and our customers who had supported us for so long.  For that, we sincerely apologize to everyone.

However, having been away for so long and after considering the many paths that we could've taken to make a living that we would be proud of, both individually and together, we had decided that bringing the most awesome organic products to the world is what we genuinely care to do for soooo many reasons.  We asked ourselves why we had came to the same conclusion when we were already on this path prior and our most sensible reasoning was that we simply needed change, one that came in the form of a long break from our routine lives, despite how beautiful it could've been perceived.  Though we're still not 100 percent sure if that's the correct answer, it certainly feels right because we no longer feel lost like we were prior; at least not nearly as much.  =)  






 ( change / growth )


Now that we're back and slowly piecing our lives and business together, with new inspirations harnessed from our extended absence, we're excited to share with our prior customers some new product improvements that we will be rolling out soon as well as additions of new products springing from our new collabs with other makers.  We feel that to make a bigger impact, working together with people of like-minds is very worthwhile and we're very excited to curate some of our favorite products from the many businesses that share the same natural living vision.  To our new customers, we're equally excited to share with you our existing line of classic essentials such as blankets, undies, and tees that we had designed and manufactured out of Sunny California using the most dynamic and natural fibers we could lay our hands on.  

With both new and existing products and to both our new and existing customers, we'll always strive to provide the same customer service so that you'll feel great about every purchase.  Without your support, we truly wouldn't be doing this so treating ya 100 only makes sense to us.  =)  

That said, thanks for your visit today and we hope and look forward to serving ya soooo soon!!  

w/ love and gratitude,

Brittanny and Daniel

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