Is your Hemp "Organic?"   Our short answer for you is, YES, our hemp is organic.  We say this simply because all hemp as we know now are organic in that it doesn't require any additional nutrients to grow, given that the soil it's on is already fertile.  It's miraculously a very simple crop to grow ( takes about 4 months to mature) and very effective at that.  Unlike cotton and other crops, hemp is not susceptible to being eaten by bugs so no pesticides are required to protect them.  Hence, without the use of hormonal nutrients nor pesticides, hemp grows as naturally as a crop can grow therefore are inherently organic, with or w/out the "organic" certification.  HEMP VISCOSE however is not "Organic." 

What is VISCOSE Hemp?  Like VISCOSE Bamboo of the recent past, there's a new breed of hemp fiber that is currently hitting the market.  From our research, in a nutshell, hemp fibers are being broken down in this "VISCOSE PROCESS" using chemicals such as carbon disulfide, and re-hardens into consistent little strands of fibers by use of sulfuric acid.  Though the fibers ends up being clear of impurities (according to the Oeko Tex Certification), the disposal of the chemicals used in the process is believed to place a burden on the environment.  Why VISCOSE?  The fibers are often a bit shiny and very consistent in durability all across making it a lot more effective to weave into fabric.  There's a lot less hemp waste in the process therefore a lot cheaper to make.  Personally, we've worn both the Viscose Bamboo (4 years) and viscose hemp (1 month) and found them both to be irritation-free for the skin.  However, due to the chemicals (used in the viscose process) supposed adverse impact on the environment, we're going to avoid using it for now as we were tempted with that option when we had knew little of it.

Are your products 100% organic?  Though "organic" in a USDA sense, to be transparent, we do want you to know that some of our products (i.e. socks & underwear) do contain some elastic fibers (which are synthetic) to preserve its classic stretch. If you want a pair that is purely made without any unnatural material such as elastic (or Lycra), our socks (2% elastic) & underwear (8% Lycra) will not be for you because unfortunately, our lack of experience have yet led us to discover a method to preserve the classic stretch without their use.  Nonetheless, going 100% organic isn't our aim.  In other words, we're not perfect people nor are we looking to be perfect. Our principle in life as well as in making organic clothes is to draw awareness towards the health effects of what we're wearing and balancing out the bad (inorganic) with the good (organic).  92-98% organic vs 2-8% inorganic is quite favorable in our opinion because this is eons ahead of wearing something 100% inorganic without the awareness of its effects.  Furthermore, another reason why we are not looking to be 100% "organic" is that we find some the contrasting impurities & imperfections vital ingredients to our balance in clothing as well as every other aspect of our reality.  In accordance w/ Einstein's theory of relatively, what is good without the bad?

Where do you manufacture your products?  The products we make ourselves are all currently manufactured by us and our team in Southern California where we live.  However, other products such as socks are made in the North Carolina region where sock knitting machines still exists within the USA.  For more information about our manufacturing team and their location, please check out our "Team & Process" page by clicking here.

Where are your textiles sourced?  We source our hemp & organic cotton blended textile from HempTraders in Los Angeles.  The GOTS certified Organic Cotton is from Turkey where it is imported into China to be blended with the Hemp that's domestically grown from a co-op of small farmers. 

Where and how do you dye your fabric?  Our Shibori-dyed hemp blankets are hand dyed by us in our home using an all natural indigo dyeing process.  The black dye used for the undies are dyed in Los Angeles using a low-impact dyeing process.

What are Low-Impact dyes?  Low-impact dyes are a type of dye that do not contain toxic chemicals or mordants, which binds the dye to the fabric.  This Eco-friendly dye allows for a higher absorption rate in the fabric, 70-80%, which minimizes water waste during the rinse.

Is your return policy online the same as the return policy in stores?  Though this is what we aim to achieve one day, unfortunately, it is currently not the case.  Simply put, the return policy for the item purchased will be of the vendor you've purchased our products from.  For example, if you were to purchase them directly from us, you'll be subjected to our return policy whereas if you were to buy it from one of our vendors, you must adhere to their specific return policy.  Every store's return policy are likely different so please check with them before or after your purchase for further details!

What shipping options are we using?  When orders are placed, we typically use USPS first class mail for lightweight items such as underwear and oils which normally takes 1-3 business days to arrive depending on where you're located relative to Southern California.  Orders within the same state should arrive within a day or two whereas orders from the east coast such as New York or Florida are likely to arrive within 2-4 business days.  For heavier items such as blankets, it'll take a day longer than the lesser weight items.

Do you offer expedited shipping?  Because our current checkout system doesn't provide this option, we try to avoid it to steer clear of complications.  However, we care to accommodate the needs of our customers so if expedited shipping is what you need, please leave us a detailed note during your checkout as to what you'd like us to do.  We'll find the least expensive option and respond to you with the estimate for your confirmation.

What is your shipping and return policy?  Domestic orders take from 3-7 business days to arrive and international order can take up to 6-14 business days depending on the size of the parcel.  We primarily ship using either FedEx or USPS.  As for Returns, we want you to be totally satisfied & therefore we'll accept returns for a full refund up to 100 days. For more information on our return process, please see Our Promise.


If there are any FAQ questions that you feel may be helpful to others, please let us know so that we may add it to this growing list.  Thank you!