Our Promise



The Golden Rule:  "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." 

With that said, if we were customers, we'd like to shop with full confidence that we're getting exactly what we're expecting.  And if it's not, then we'd want a full refund, which includes our shipping cost, without being harassed.   We'd also love for the business to cover the return shipping as well.  =)

Additionally, we would like a longer return grace period to try the product before fully knowing that it's for us. 100-days would be great! 





Hence...OUR PROMISE to you:

1.)  Full Refund (Purchase + Shipping)
2.)  Free Return Shipping.
3.)  100-Days Return Window.

Ready to process a return or exchange?  Please follow the 3 simple steps below

1.) Send us an e-mail to let us know:
a)  Your Name
b)  Date of Purchase
c)  Refund or Exchange?
2.) Package the product in a box--preferably the one it came it.
3.) Slap on the return shipping label we'll provide you in our response then drop off @ the designated courier's shipping center.

Once we receive your return package, we will process the refund immediately and then send you an e-mail to confirm.  Thank You so much for your time and we apologize for any inconveniences we may have caused you.  If there's something we can do to make it up to ya, please please please let us know

In the event that you don't need assistance to create a return shipping label or have no time to do so, please go ahead and use the following return address:


iLoveBad Organics
1036 Belmont Avenue
Long Beach, CA 90804