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WHY HEMP | Environmental Consciousness

• Hemp is the most dynamic plant known to man in that it can be used for paper, clothes, food, medicine, furniture, etc.

• Unlike synthetic fibers that sits out in the wasteland for centuries, hemp is natural in nature and biodegradable. 

• More renewable than cotton, hemp fully grows in only 4 months and produces substantially more output.

• Hemp uses little water and doesn't need pesticide to farm.

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Why We Manufacture in the USA

• To promote fair labor practices which means healthy wages & a cleaner and friendlier work environment.

• To create more job opportunities for family and friends as well as supporting the local/domestic economy.

• So that our products can be made with love and care which means overall higher quality.

• To minimize the pollution of overseas transporting.

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Your support truly goes a long way:

LA Habilitation House

Since 2008, LAHH creates and maintains job opportunities for persons with disabilities in the Los Angeles region that will help them develop, express, and apply their talents to maximize their contribution to the community. 

Corazon de Vida Orphanages

Provides life changing support for orphaned and abandoned children in Baja, Mexico.  Their mission is to end child abandonment by providing basic survival, educational & medical needs in hopes of breaking the poverty cycle.

Rehabilitating Farm Animals

Works to end farm animal abuse through legislative and legal actions, public awareness and humane education projects. They also rescue and shelter farm animals with two sanctuaries: California &  New York.