Our Team & Process

"We get by with a lotta help from our friends." <3

hemp traders - december, 2016
Larry + Kathy + Mundo + Miguel @ Hemptraders

We source all of our hemp & organic cotton textiles from the awesome team led by Larry Serbin at Hemptraders in Los Angeles, Ca.  We have been working together since 2010 when we began making hemp blankets initially for our personal use--then for friends & family--as a hobby & have slowly evolved into a small business. They've really stuck with us through all the small times & it's been so exciting to see them grow bigger & bigger every year while still keeping their team in tact.  As people, they're awesome and equally awesome as a hemp resource for many hemp businesses & lovers throughout California & the rest of the nation. 

To protect fair labor practices as well as ensuring that his hemp fibers are of high quality, Larry visits the hemp farms in China quite often. The GOTS certified organic cotton on the other hand are purchased from Turkey and shipped to China where they are weaved with hemp to make the hemp/cotton blend that the bad blankies and undies are made of. 

To find out more about Larry and the HempTraders family of employees and products, you can visit their page by clicking HERE.

Chi Hang, Freelance Seamstress

We first met Chi Hang ("Chi," referring to older sister in Vietnamese) through her husband, Alex, who owns the local sewing machine store where we source our thread & any sewing machine needs. Working for another sewing company by day, she returns home to Fountain Valley in the evenings to tend to her adorable kids.  Because of the many rising responsibilities of a budding business, we had passed on the sewing craftsmanship of the bad blankies to her after the fabrics are cut by us at the ilovebad bungalow.

 Jose Sarabia, Sarabia Cutting Service

Jose cuts & sews all of our organic hemp t-shirts in his Santa Ana shop where you can find him 6 days a week from roughly 8am - 8pm. He works with a small team of 6, but often you'll find him working after hours by himself.  Though he's been in business for almost 30 years, he still cuts all of our fabrics himself & passes on the flat-lock sewing duties to Bonito, who specializes in that special machine.  Jose's a fun-loving energetic person to work with but firstly, a pretty cool father & husband who's always looking out for his family.


Roland + Margherita + Theodora + Herma, Cutting & Sewing

Rolando & his wife, Margherita, run this little shop in Santa Ana, Ca that cuts & sews our organic hemp undies. They're usually accompanied by Theodora & Herma who are artists in their own rights when sewing various stages of the hemp underwear manufacturing process.  Also, you'll often see their older kids stopping by to help out at the shop as well.   :) 

Carmen, Freelance Seamstress

Carmen is our freelance seamstress designated for custom orders whether they be hemp curtains, pillows, duvets or clothing, all from her humble apartment in Long Beach, Ca.  She had recently moved from Seattle because the California weather improves her arthritis & we were so lucky to find her many talents & friendship through Craigslist!  She is a senior citizen with an extreme zeal & zest for life and hass become a true friend to us & the subject of our growing philanthropic section of "i love bad" products.  All profits of the custom orders made by Carmen go directly to her due to her endless altruistic efforts.  As a former successful lawyer, she is active in her fight to give a stronger voice to senior citizen and legal immigrant rights & does everything from teaching assistant to a physics class, to tutoring kids with autism & high school students for their SAT's in order to make ends meet. Though she is a retired attorney turned gourmet culinary shop owner to Russian orphanage volunteer & so much more, her passion has always been sewing, painting & creating. We feel very fortunate to partner with her in making beautiful things happen through her talents & hope to continually support her in her own tireless efforts to help others.


LA Dye & Print Dye House, Gardena, Ca

We dye & prewash our fabric in small batches from George & his busy team (front office: Elva, Erica, & Monse) at LA Dye & Print.  Though George often times carry a stern and busy facial expression, he radiates the warmest smile when you catch him at the right time.  As for the ladies, they really do a great job in keeping the flow in the front as they are constantly swamped with work. 


Fresh Prints Design, Long Beach

fresh prints long beach We create most all of our printed material using recycled & hemp papers whenever possible with the help of these guys locally based in Los Angeles County.  Our tags, labels, stickers, thank you cards, etc. are all crafted with their assistance.  If you're ever looking for some biz cards or other stationary goods, do reach out to Rachel (see below left) @ Fresh Prints! 

rachel @ freshprints, long beach, ca


i love bad

Brittanny + Daniel + Max Too @ ilovebad organics

Together we run ilovebad organics from our office in a small home out of Long Beach, Ca. Though we all share in our passion & responsibility to inspire & create useful, clean & fundamental hemp products, we "technically" take on our own roles that fit us best to effectively sustain & grow the business.  My art & design background lends me to towards the design & production for our blankies, undies, customs, packaging & media meanwhile Daniel's enormous heart, out-of-the-box mind & high spirit lends its passion to our customer service, vendor relations, website development & social media. He is also a part of another hemp enthusiast organization, THE HEMP CO-OP, where he gets to expand on our mission of spreading hemp, love, & balance. Max & his wagging tail is what keeps us grounded, sane & inspired in the office every single day.  He boosts morale & is a prancing reminder of love, gratitude & pure bliss!

Together we work to service our customers' organic needs, create & sustain beautiful synergistic relationships with all those we meet & work with along the way as well as giving back to those in need, whether they be human or the environment.  To do this, we donate over 10% of our profits monthly to organizations like the Corazon de Vida foundation who supports and educate orphans right over the border in Mexico in and effort to inspire them into beings that'll discover many purposes to stay within the country that needs them most.  Other organizations includes the Los Angeles Habilitation House (empowering the disabled and elderly for employment) as well as the Farm Sanctuary (support rescued farm animals). We also often hand out food & care packages to our local homeless communities (150 people) with hopes to inspire more giving in our world.  As a team, we strive to do every single little thing with love in our efforts to contribute toward a world that we all can enjoy, together.  <3

On behalf of our team, we humbly thank you for your visit and support!