The Evolution of Bad Goodies + Hemp Socks Coming SOON.

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When we started this organic essentials business 7 years ago as a hobby, one of our primary purposes was to make some very dynamic organic hemp products that we couldn't find anywhere.  This sprung forth the creation of our natural hemp fleece blanket in 2010, male hemp boxer briefs & female cheeky briefs in 2013, and a light-weight uni-sex hemp undershirt in 2016.  Because we wore mostly organic and we appreciated hemp so much, we had to seek out most things hemp as we could--we even had 3 custom couches made using all hemp textiles--and naturally, a most comfy pair of hemp sock came to mind.

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This led us to scour the incredibly large world wide web marketplace for a nice pair and not surprisingly after having purchased and trying all the hemp socks that were available at the time, nothing met our expectations in terms of quality and comfort.  The socks that we had tried were either wearing out too fast at the soles or they just didn't recover enough because the organic makers were too anti-synthetic to care to use any form of elastic.  Hence, when the socks were taken off, they remained loose.

Being excited to contribute to the line of quality hemp products that are growing due to the recent legalization of hemp in the US, we began our R&D journey to see what it took to make a really comfortable pair of hemp socks.   First, we needed to find out the kinda material that is used currently vs the ones we'll need to use for higher quality.  This process required us to look through several hemp yarn options around the world.  Took us a bit and even after finding one, we were told it wasn't a good choice for sock making. 

2nd, we had to scour the available sock mill around the US (because of our appreciation for domestically made products) to see which are able to sample and make small batches of sock without laughing at our small budget.  Also, they had to be a sock mill that aligns with our values in terms of...environmentally responsible, integrity & kind.  But before all this, we first had to decide which pair of sock we wanted to start out making and the classic crew is what we came up with due to its dynamicness; you can wear it in many occasions.  Once the supplier for the hemp yarn and organic cotton ( + 1-2% of Lycra) were in place, going through samples and samples of the sock had to be done to get the combinations of desired qualities to align.  To date, we've made about 15 pairs and we still have about 5 more to go!

After having been 18 months into the process--including the time we spent thinking about it while in Mexico--and with the help of our sock milling team in North Carolina, we finally feel that we're very close and are quite excited to make them available for you to purchase some time in late November! 

If you've been following our business over the years as some of our loyal customers and friends have, you'll likely already know that we have been offering an organic cotton (no hemp) crew sock alternative for our customers.  Even though it doesn't carry any hemp, the reason we had chosen to do so was because at one point during our hemp sock r&d process, we seriously thought we were well in over our heads about this project (it's probably the exact reason why our desired high quality hemp socks has yet to hit the market!) And since we had been testing a pair of organic cotton crew sock from an Alabama sock maker for over 2 years and really really loved it, we decided to make it available for the time being to service our organic conscious customers as well as aiding our efforts in rounding out our product offerings.  Fortunately, our customers loved it and the feed back have been amazing.  <3

Beyond the organic socks offerings, we hope to continue growing our line of organic hemp essentials with more vigor than ever with a lot of tender love & care so that they are of the utmost quality & style to not only be an organic alternative to what you're already using, but to exceed it. We thank you for coming along the journey with us & for welcoming our organic goods into your most intimate spaces. We appreciate you, we care for you & we love you!


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