Do Hemp Fabric Block ElectroMagnetic Frequencies? (EMF's)

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emfs are bad for you.  learn to neutralize them.

Customer:  Do u know if this fabric blocks emf's?

My Response:  That is a beautiful question. I can't say for certain since society tend to rely on research studies to claim knowledge and authority over such things (which I don't buy into because a lot of research tend to be biased from corporate/gov funding) but from my understanding of nature (natural materials) and electromagnetic frequencies, they're inharmonious, which means that they offset one another.

My intuition tells me that our bodies radiate natural electromagnetic frequencies that are rhythmically harmonious with the EMFS of natural materials so the more natural elements we have in our home & body (be they precious metal, plants, wood, copper kitchenware, silverware, etc) the less of an effect that the EMFs (static) from electronic devices would have on our bodies.

Feel free to comment below to let us know if you agree or not.  : )

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