Are Polyester Fabric Toxic to Wear as Clothing or Used as Furniture?

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Some 10 years ago, my wife and I had started this natural clothing business due to my mysterious 10 days of intense sleep-sweating from a Polyester blanket my mom had gifted me.  After researching into the matter, I'd learn that synthetic materials, which were all plastic-based polymers, were off-gassing toxins into my body causing all kinds of chemical imbalances.  Despite reading a lot of literature written about off-gassing, it didn't really click with me, especially because there's so much noise in the infinite web nowadays making it hard to believe what's factual and what's not.  Also, with the corporate-owned health care industry being #1 in the world today, it makes sense to me that they may have a hand in the mis-information that gets taught in school and written about in their health journals making these information even harder to believe.  Rather than buying into those narratives, nowadays, I prefer to lean on my intuition, something I've learned to develop and trust over the years as I became more cognizant of nature's pattern that surrounds all of us on the daily (such as the number of days between full moons, the # of fingers we have, nature of colors, acoustic, precious metals, the nature of radiation and frequencies, chakras, etc).  From this intuition, something I refer to as the language of the Universe, I had discovered several things about Polyester (synthetic fibers in general) and its toxic effects that I feel everyone should know.

If you'd toured out website, you likely have read about my take on metaphysics, the unseen reality where nothing is actually solid in this Universe but rather is comprised of a vibrating signature that seems to be physical due to the magnetic properties that holds these nonphysical energy together.  If you haven't stumbled upon that reading, feel free to click on "ABOUT" above.  In short, what I had theorized there is that everything has a vibrating signature (aka frequency) and the ones that are plastic (synthetic) tend to conflict with natural vibrating signatures, our aura, bodies and organs for example.  Due to this conflict, I suspect that whenever plastics or plastic-like materials (polyester, nylon, acrylic, etc) in excessive amounts are worn (clothing) or used (furniture), our energetic flow is conflicted which creates disharmony in our personal energy flow... our health.  In other words, I believe that it weakens our magnetic field, our aura, our force field if you will, making us weak in energy and susceptible to the even the bacteria that already exists within all of us.  For that reason along with a bit of the aforementioned off-gassing narrative, my intuition is telling me to avoid natural fibers such as Polyester.  However, several years into this belief, my intuition is also telling me something else that reinforces the negative effects of synthetic fibers (or even food), and it has to do with static.

Just several months ago, I had reflected on the idea of static as I've been suspicious of its effects on our human body.  In this reflection, I thought of my experiences with static which includes the time where I would drag my feet along those polyester carpet and shock someone by touch.  Or the times where I folded my clothes after drying them.  Or the stale/static unmoving air in the bedroom that's filled with computers and electrical devices.  Or static at a more extreme level like the short-circuiting of a blowdryer outlet or the occasional lightning when the charge in the atmosphere is unstable.  Aside from those common and seemingly innocent experiences with static, I also considered the idea of static relative to movement/energy that is not so innocent. 

Take a static body of water for example; almost everyone knows that when water sits for too long, it starts to mold due to the lack of movement & flow, and when you drink or swim in it, it'll likely make you sick.  Another unpleasant experience with static in terms of energy for me is the nature of static motivation, static careers, static relationships, static personal growth, etc.  We all know that when we're static in any of those areas, life often feels so unpleasant that I would even consider myself being sick because it often leads to depression if prolonged.  As you can probably sense by now, from these personal experiences and observations of static, my overall impression of it begun to transpire into suspicious which led to the following intuitive perspective I have of it, static is overall toxic for our life force.

Now what does this have to do with Polyester?  If you were to pay a bit of attention, what you'll notice is that all plastic-based fibers such as Polyester, harbors a lot of static energy.  Hence, when you use it, you'll sometimes see the sparks that it generates.  That's really minor but if you were to pull it out of the dryer, you can really see how extremely staticky it can be.  With my observation of static above, the correlation that my intuition is telling me is that energy doesn't flow through anything that's molecularly structured unnatural / inorganic, hence why plastic is often used to prevent oxygen from decomposing our food in an effort to preserve it.  Because energy is not able to flow through these plastic layers when worn as clothing, energy is relatively trapped or stuck in one place and is dying to break free the moment it comes in contact with something that's organic and conducive to flow.  This I suspect is the reason why the spark happens from an innocent fabric static to the short-circuiting and lightning events mentioned above; nature's way of balancing the imbalanced. 

As you can tell by now, wearing Polyester (or any synthetic Plastic-based Polymer fiber) clothing can do quite the damage on our bodies and energy levels due to the blockages they inflict on our molecules' natural desire to flow.  With that said, I suspect that where ever it is worn, be it as an underwear or as a hat made from Polyester, the naturally flowing energy that was once in that zone no longer flows in its natural pattern/flow.  And because of that reason, disorder happens in that area and since I'm in business of selling organic underwear, I was able to draw the connection between the rise in infertility & balding along with the rise in the use of synthetics over the past few decades.  With that hunch, I went back to the internet to see if anyone has written about it and lo and behold, I was able to dig up an old research conducted by a Dr. Ahmed Shafik, who'd researched and submitted over a hundred research papers (since the early 90's) to the United States Library of Medicine in regards to the anatomy and physiology of the human body.  Due to his own suspicion of wearing Polyester in a particular, he'd written this research paper that can be found currently at the USLM which Dr. Shafik (who's rather extraordinary person himself having been a commander of Egypt's Air Force as well as a short stint at Prime Minister) observed that the rats being wrapped in polyester fabric in the crouch region to simulate an underwear, sperm counts were dramatically decreased when compared to cotton fabric.  Likewise, balding were also substantially induced when the rats' head were wrapped in Polyester vs a natural cotton alternative.  Despite making this discovery that I found to be incredibly important, his research was made fun of and ignored, which made me suspect that this information may already be known.  Anyhow, Dr. Shafik doesn't know for sure but he did mention in there that he believed that this outcome had something to do with the static nature of Polyester.  

By far, that was the only legitimate article I've seen on the subject connecting Polyester to infertility but a month later when revisiting the subject, I had stumbled upon one man's response to a Quora question: Is Polyester Clothes Good or BAD?  Like I had mentioned prior, it's hard to separate fact from fiction when researching the web nowadays due to the plethora of information out there and the many differing motives behind them.  However, when you work off intuition as your guide, the internet I believe can be a good tool to supplement your intuition versus allowing it to take the lead.  That said, the author of this Quora responded extensively to the toxic nature of wearing Polyester mainly pointing out the more spoken about sentiment that Polyester is made from or treated with a lot of toxic chemicals such as Formaldehyde, brominated flame retardants, and fluoridated chemicals (Teflon).  However, the part that really struck a chord with me was his brief mentioning about the static between our skin's hair and fabric that was not good for us.  He didn't dig too much into it but I did get the reinforcement I had desired to dig further into this theory about fabric static being incredibly damaging to our natural bodies and energy level if unaddressed.

Anyhow, I'm no expert in this field in terms of certificates of studies from Universities or any kind of validation from a health institution but from my keen observation of the nature surrounding the above subjects, I'm quite confident in my assessment of how damaging wearing Polyester can contribute to our health, especially when combined with all the other elements of our healths that we're not paying attention to, such as eating foods made from synthetic preservatives.  With that said, whether or not you care to believe this is ultimately up to you and if you have anything you'd like to add to help clarify or shed some light on the matter, please do so below.  With so much misleading information in the educational and health institutions nowadays due to whatever reason, one of our only chances to right this ship is to rely on the intuitions of the people drawn from their personal life experiences rather than their institutionally conditioned education.



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