Organic Cotton/Hemp U-Neck T-Shirts (Unisex)



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Organic Cotton & Hemp Blend U-Neck Undie T-Shirts

This lightweight, u-neck, tailored but loose-fitting organic undie t-shirt was created with the desire to be your favorite "under-shirt" & the closest thing to being naked... at home. It's slightly reminiscent of your favorite tee growing up with a modern cut & lighter fabric. Made organically in the USA, with love, by real-caring-people in small batches. :) 

As for the U-neck design, we wanted to create a true "underwear" t-shirt for less constriction - airier vibes & so that when used as an undershirt, it would stay concealed whereas classic crew neck collars often make too much of an appearance. Though intended as an under layering shirt, wearing as a standalone primary layer may work for you as it does for us, with a slight sheerness in mind. :)


xs 32-34 chest/bust, waist 24-26

small 34-36 chest/bust, waist 28-30

medium 36-40 chest/bust, waist 32-34

large 40-42 chest/bust, waist 36-38

xl 42-46 chest/bust, waist 40-42


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