Hemp Fleece Organic Throw



To Our Dearest Customers & Friends!  

Beginning today, we're only selling through our Etsy online store.  This will only be temporary until July of next year and we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

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Motivated by our noticeable discomforts from the use of a Polyester-based blanket, we've constructed the bad blankie to prevent or alleviate the intensity of night sweating and skin disorders such as rashes.  Additionally, the natural hemp and organic cotton weaved into this incredibly soft fleece texture will induce a cozy and deep sleep with its breath-ability and amazing comfort!


***Your support truly goes a long way!***
We donate our time as well as 10%+ of our profits in a variety of ways such as monthly contributions to orphanages, special needs opportunities & animals through these 3 amazing organizations: www.corazondevida.org & www.lahabilitationhouse.org & www.farmsanctuary.org <3

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