Hemp Pet Bed for Doggies & Kitties!

iLoveB♡D organics


Natural & Organic Hemp Pet Bed handmade w/ love in Long Beach, California.

Bad Doggie Beds are made for the bestest friend anyone can have. They're loyal, unconditionally loving, cuddly, warm, hilarious, positive & irrationally happy; they're our dogs. What did we do in this life to deserve such love? The answer for sure is to be unknown, but we graciously accept. Wanting to give our beloveds the best, we want them to be healthy & happy but honestly we also want them to not be so smelly sometimes & it could be a bonus to not have their things takeover our entire home. Ideally, people would come over & not even know we had a dog if it weren't for their warm greetings. The last thing we want is for our house to smell like we have a dog, but it's the sacrifice we make. What if we could make a dog bed that our dogs loved, we knew were completely safe, were not off-gassing toxic chemicals from polyester covers & foam stuffings, could be antimicrobial & not harbor the stinkyness of our dog's odors? What if this bed looked good & natural & not so dog bed-dy? We took all this & more to the heart of our process in making these dogs beds. After over 3 years of our beloved Maxxie sleeping, chewing bones, burrowing & rustling around with this dog bed, we must say it has really stood the test of time in quality, durability, attractiveness, comfort, fluffiness & he still loves it. We truly can't imagine what more we could want from a dog bed. The round shape is efficient in its size & compliments all the corners you're always tucking the bed away in. The French Linen & Denim Hemp look is stylish & minimal to blend in with most home decor if not even adding a bit of flare that you won't even want to hide it. The slipcover is washable & if your dog marks the bed through the cover, you can wash the inner muslin bed too. The whole bed from the inside out is constructed from the highest quality, totally organic & natural materials. It is stuffed with organic kapok & natural rubber with an organic cotton & hemp muslin inner cover along with a beautiful hemp french linen & denim outter cover that withstands a dog that likes to dig his bed--why do they do that anyways? Being totally natural & organic, you know your dog is comfortable, safe, breathable, not harboring stinky stenches & bacteria when chilling or sleeping on y'alls new favorite dog bed. Truly the best, highest quality, organic dog bed on the market for the best price we could make it. 

Outer Cover:  French Linen (100% Hemp)
+ Denim (63% Hemp / 37% Organic Cotton)
Inner Cover:  Muslin (70% Organic Cotton / 30% Hemp)
Stuffing: 2lbs Organic Kapok + 2lbs of Natural Shredded Rubber
Size: 24" Round x 9" High --- Most spaciously fits pets up to 25 lbs

Care: The whole bed is washable & dryable on LOW temperature, though it is suggested to only wash the outer cover as often as needed. Only wash inner cover w/ stuffing when soiled. 

These fabrics are extremely durable & antimicrobial. They do not harbor bacteria & therefore combats odors. Outer cover if washed weekly can last 2+ years with normal daily use.  Despite being of high quality, unfortunately it's not designed to be chew proof.

As with all our products, 10% of the profit goes towards humans, animals, and the environment in need.  <3

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