Hemp & Organic Cotton Fleece Baby Blankets

iLoveB♡D organics


Motivated by our noticeable discomforts from the use of a Polyester-based blanket, we've constructed the bad blankie to alleviate the intensity of night sweating (aka "hot flashes") and skin disorders like rashes/eczema.  Additionally, the natural hemp and organic cotton weaved into this incredibly soft fleece texture will induce a cozy, warm and deep sleep with its breath-ability and amazing comfort!


***Your support truly goes a long way!***
We donate our time as well as 10%+ of our profits in a variety of ways such as monthly contributions to orphanages, special needs opportunities & animals through these 3 amazing organizations: www.corazondevida.org & www.lahabilitationhouse.org & www.farmsanctuary.org <3

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