3 x Hemp & Organic Cotton Crew Socks

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3 pairs of HEMP Crew Socks: 66% Organic Cotton + 28% Hemp + 6% Lycra

Natural, organic, soft, airy, relaxed fitting, these socks are intended for most occasions. I wear it year-round to golf, play basketball, hiking, lounge around the house and even to weddings when new.  =)

2 years ago, if you had shopped the internet for a pair of hemp socks, you would notice the lack of options that existed & should you actually stumble upon a pair or two like we had, you would also notice the lack in terms of quality and aesthetic as most hemp socks were made as a novelty item.  Hence, their durability were extremely far below that of the traditional socks made from synthetic and/or inorganic fibers. Additionally, the socks would also not be made in the USA as most hosiery equipment were shipped overseas.  Even today, most hemp socks you'll find online are coming out of the Ukraine region for whatever reason.

With a continual desire to showcase hemp's viability as a fiber to make everyday essentials like socks, we took time in sourcing quality hemp yarn and in finding the right hosiery partner (SunnySide Textile - North Carolina) to collaborate with in materializing our design. With SunnySide's years of experience, hosiery equipment & amazing energy coupled with our love for hemp, aesthetic, comfort & quality, we present to you our version of the USA-made MODERN HEMP SOCKS, what we honestly believe to be the best hemp socks in the market today. They may not be the "perfect" pair of hemp socks since we'll always strive to improve them, but they're most definitely a big step in the right direction for hemp as we continue to promote it towards becoming the #1 demanded textile fiber in the world. With the right amount of effort & faith, we hope that this would contribute towards balancing out the proliferation of synthetic and inorganic fibers today!

Size #1: Women's 5.5-9, Men's 4-7
Size #2: Women's 10-13, Men's 8-12
Size #3: Women's 13.5+, Men's 12.5+

Limited Edition: 150 pairs

Despite 2 years of trial and error to get the socks to where they are today, this is only our first round of manufacturing so we've only made 150 pairs: 50 smalls (size #1); 50 mediums (size #2); and 50 larges (size #3).

Care: Wash Warm, Tumble Dry Low ( Sock becomes more form fitting after a couple of washes! ) Color: Natural Only. Currently Researching Dyeing options for Socks. If you have any in mind, we would love to hear from you. Thank You!
Designed by us. Materials sourced by us. Made in N. Carolina, USA by SunnySide Textile w/ Certified Organic Cotton sourced from Texas Organic Cotton & Certified Organic Hemp from Co-Op Farmers in China distributed by HempTraders out of Los Angeles, California

**Your support truly goes a long way!

We donate our time as well as 10%+ of our profits in a variety of ways such as monthly contributions to orphanages, special needs opportunities & animals through these 3 amazing organizations:

www.corazondevida.org & www.lahabilitationhouse.org & www.farmsanctuary.org <3

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