Good and Bad are one and the same. What's Good Without BAD?  En route to a healthier lifestyle, we've come to realize that healthy, both physically and mentally, for us doesn't necessarily mean having to be 100% committed to 'organic living.'  We believe it can also mean being in tuned with balance: the good and the bad; old habits along with the new.  Hence, we care not to replace the "bad" habits altogether in us because it's what we're used to AND it's part of who we are.  Instead, we care to work on acceptance--embracing who we are, both the good and the bad--along with adding more choices that helps us align with the person we care to evolve towards.  In the grander scheme, to us, it feels impossible to have only good without bad as if they're different sides of the same coin, dare we say.

And because we dare to embrace the bad and not just the good, sprung forth the inspiration for the name, iLoveBad.  Some of our most inspiring bad good heroes include the infamous Robin Hood, Dread Pirate Roberts, & most especially, YOU!  going up  


Corazon de Vida love

Our Purpose

Sensing that our current world–perhaps our personal state-of-mind–can be perceived as being in a state of imbalance in many ways, we strive to do whatever we can to restore that balance as to improve our daily lives as well as the lives of others.  The following are what we currently value and believe will benefit our society in attaining this balance and we hope that you'll be open to them, if not already.  <3

  1. Create organic product alternatives for health-conscious minds.
  2. Reduce toxins in the general body, household, & environment.
  3. Combat unspoken epidemic of night sweating & skin irritations.
  4. Promote versatility, sustainability & domestic production of hemp.  
  5. Eliminate dependence on refined petroleum-based plastics.
  6. Make natural living affordable & accessible again.  
  7. Build understanding & appreciation for differences as to reduce discrimination.  
  8. Serve the community through charity.  <3


Our Service & Charity

We donate our time as well as 10%+ of our profits by supporting senior citizens, the homeless & through monthly contributions to orphanages, special needs opportunities & animals through the following 3 amazing organizations and we to continually add more charitable organizations to the list as we grow over the years.


Corazon de Vida Foundation



Los Angeles Habilitation House 


Farm Sanctuary


We thank you so much for being a part of this with us along with your support for organic hemp goods & the mission of giving back! To see a bit more on how we like to connect with our community, you can check out our blog post @


Our Partners in Health

We'd love to give a shout out to the awesome retailers, our partners, & friends that have allowed and inspired us in this organic living space:  Hemptraders - Los Angeles; Seed Peoples Market - Costa Mesa, CA; Organic Lifestyle - Toronto; Nest Bedding - Berkeley/San Francisco/Mountain View/Los Angeles, CA; Rawganique - Cayman Island; The Healthy Bedstore - Sacramento, CA; The Hemp Co-op - Huntington Beach, CA; & Vital Hemp - Santa Monica, CA.  Thank you for lending us your experience and allowing us to co-join your mission in spreading the energy of balanced living! 

If for any reason we cannot serve your organic needs, please refer to one of our awesome partners by clicking their logos below which will take you straight to their online store or info page.  <3



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          The Healthy Bed Store



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