RELATIONSHIP: A Way to Better Understand your Health

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What I've come to realize through the continuous studying & observation of nature's pattern is that health is not A thing, it's a relationship. In other words, poison isn't bad, it's just bad when relating to us. Our health is bad not because we're bad or the food we're eating is bad, it's just that the relationship between the two makes it unhealthy (you can even apply this wisdom to personal relationships). If you want to naturally understand your health better, try looking at it from the lens of 'relationship.'

For example, if the food you're eating is organic, the relationship between that and you are likely good because you're also organic, made of cells that have similar molecular structures & behaviors. If you're eating products that aren't organic--injected with synthetic chemicals to either make it grow faster/bigger or to make it preserve longer--know that its patterns are likely going to interfere with your organic pattern because the growth rate and deterioration rate of our cells are completely different to it. When it's incompatible, energy simply gets stuck in the many pathways within our bodies that our energy are supposed to flow....such as the nerves, arteries & veins.

To restore our health, clear those pathways and all diseases shall dissolve. A cool way to start I would suggest is to eat natural foods and use clothing/furniture/etc made of natural materials..all with the considerations of animals & the environment whenever possible.

If ya agree or not with the above, feel free to share your thoughts below so that I may learn from your perspective.


About Myself, the Author:  Despite being educated as an accountant out of USC, I had only spent 6 years of my post-graduate life in that field because of a lack of passion.  However, the passion that I do possess during and beyond accounting was spirituality, which led me to study & better conceive the micro & macro patterns of nature and the Universe as a whole.  This passion for patterns led me to better understand how the game of humanity was constructed (WHY is a different matter) as well as the rules/laws that governs the current social structure.  Likewise, it also allows me to better understand the nature of RELATIONSHIPS which I've discovered is fundamental to understanding our health because without the components that make up a relationship, there is no purpose for the individual component.  In other words, there is no Yin without Yang, likewise, good without bad.  With this knowledge, I've made it one of my life's purpose to connect with people that desire to reach their optimal health not only to be healthy, but to attain the things that comes with an optimal energetic state of mind:  confidence, intelligence, relationships, wealth & more.

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