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This applies to kids as well as newborns.  I haven't taken the flu shot for over 20 years and rarely get sick, not even from street food in the several 3rd world countries that I've visited for extended periods of time.  On the flip side, I've seen many of my friends and family getting intensely sick from taking those shots which ultimately led to the following perspective on the matter.  I sincerely hope that this perspective will help expand yours so that you may have peace of mind in your continuous effort to keep your loved ones healthy.  <3

benefits of flu shots and vaccines

I know that some of us are aware but to those that aren't because we're either too busy, overwhelmed with information, or just fearful of not doing anything at all, i just wanted to awaken you to the fact that the profits of BIG Corporations are a lot more important than your health & Life as well as that of your loved ones. That's why it helps them when you get and even oftentimes stay sick.

I don't want to be dramatic but it's true. The health industry is comprised of corporations which makes up a lot of hospitals. Doctors themselves mean well since they're amazing people that mainly have great intentions but they're not the ones running the show...their stockholders are.  Since almost anything can be rationalized, like the Influenza, it's pretty easy for pharmaceutical corporations to come out with researches to beguile the doctors into believing what they're doing is right; after all, they are the ones that funds the educational materials that doctors are brought up on.   It's incredibly hard to know the full truth since you're not behind every closed doors to see the truth but one thing I do know is that oftentimes when you look at the motive behind actions, you'll know exactly why things are done.  That said, yes it's true that the motives of doctors are to help you heal but again, it's not them that decides.  So if it's not them, who's their bosses?  My intuition is the 10% year-over-year growth & profit-mongering BIG CORPORATIONS.

harmful effects of flus and vaccination shots

The health industry, which is the #1 money making industry in all of America today, can only grow or sustain that by us being sick.  This is not an accident but rather by design.  What do you think happens when everyone is cured of their diseases like diabetes, tumors, cancers, etc?   Not only will the corporations not grow, a lot of them will go out of business as we're overextended with hospitals due to the alarming rate of people that the industry has made sick today through the various methods we wouldn't suspect such as the food we eat and the flouride-filled water out of our tap.  To achieve an astounding 10% year-over-year growth, I would even go as far as saying that the Flu Shots & Vaccines aren't designed to cure but are instead designed to make us sick in a pattern that is undetectable to us so that we can't connect it to the shots.  Bottom line, MORE SICK PEOPLE = MORE BUSINESS for the health industry, there's no denying that.  (Some people would argue that it's the sell of the healthy technology that generated the money but think about it, would there be any tech if people are no longer sick?)

Awareness & COMMUNITY.  If you don't already sense this and fully trust the health industry, we don't blame ya at all; matter of fact, I commend ya for being trusting as it shows that you care in your way and are just doing your best.  However, for the sake of your personal health and contributions to the lives around you, I do ask that you take some time to consider the above as well as doing your best not to hate or even judge those that are trying to help us all by sharing with us a perspective that can literally save our lives and that of our loved ones.  If you've seen what they've seen, you'd 99% do the same.  Know that even though we may be too busy to look after one another all the time, WE definitely care more about each other a lot more than the healthy industry about us as WE, including the people that works in the medical field, make up the community...not the corporate heads or stockholders that primarily look at us as the tools to generate the profits.

All this said, even if you don't care to believe the above, ish all good as I believe we're all allowed to have our own perspective and still be good people with good intentions. No judging here.

Any thoughts, feel free to share above so we can all learn from one another. #Community.

About Myself, the Author:  Despite being educated as an accountant out of USC, I had only spent 6 years of my post-graduate life in that field because of a lack of passion.  However, the passion that I do possess during and beyond accounting was spirituality, which led me to study & better conceive the micro & macro patterns of nature and the Universe as a whole.  This passion for patterns led me to better understand how the game of humanity was constructed (WHY is a different matter) as well as the rules/laws that governs the current social structure.  Likewise, it also allows me to better understand the nature of RELATIONSHIPS which I've discovered is fundamental to understanding our health because without the components that make up a relationship, there is no purpose for the individual component.  In other words, there is no Yin without Yang, likewise, good without bad.  With this knowledge, I've made it one of my life's purpose to connect with people that desire to reach their optimal health not only to be healthy, but to attain the things that comes with an optimal energetic state of mind:  confidence, intelligence, relationships, wealth & more.

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