Without Compromise.

All our natural products are made high in comfort, ethics & with the environment in mind.

√ Natural & Organic
√ Timeless Designs
√ Quality Craftsmanship

√ Vegan Friendly
√ Supports Charity
√ Local Manufacturing

√ Sustainable Fibers
√ Fairly Traded
√ Spiritual Awareness

Hemp Goods


• Hemp is the most dynamic plant having over 10,000 uses (i.e. paper, clothes, food, medicine, furniture, etc).

• More renewable than cotton, hemp fully grows in only four months yet produces substantially more output.

• Growing hemp replenishes the soil, requires a lot less water than cotton and doesn't pollute the ecosystem with pesticides.

• And unlike synthetic fibers that sit out in the wasteland for many centuries, hemp is natural in nature and biodegradable. 

Made in USA

• To maintain a closer eye on fair labor practices which means fairer wages & a humane work environment.

• So that our products are made with the level of craftsmanship that yields a higher degree of quality and cleanliness.

• Because we generally have more nature-conscious manufacturing laws that minimizes environmental abuse.

• To create more job opportunities for the locals as well as supporting the national economy at large.

slowing down Fast Fashion

While a majority of businesses subscribe to seasonal collection changes to promote hyper consumption, which inevitably results in an obscene amount of waste & false sense of 'need,' we feel compelled to push for balance by steering clear of these trends.  Hence, the design elements you see in our pieces are intended to be timelessly subtle, quality crafted, and to remind you that you're eternally beautiful regardless of what you wear.

Why Choose Organic?

Quantum physics had proven that the Universe is made entirely of intangible & invisible energy.  Everything nonphysical is made of this energy and everything seemingly physical is made of the exact same energy; the only difference is the rate at which these energies vibrate.  These energies have little influence by themselves but when vibrating near another energy field, whether or not it is compatible with the other depends on whether or not the pattern at which they resonate are in rhythm with one another, exactly the case in music harmony.  That said, ingredients in our clothing that are real & organic (made from nonGMO living organisms like plants) vibrate at a natural rhythm which grooves with our bodies because we too are living organisms.  As a result, our energy level is reinforced & therefore strengthens.  On the contrary, inorganic materials such as that of Nylon & Polyester are similar to EMFs in that they vibrate at a rate unfamiliar to our body’s energy field.  Because this unnatural vibration is incompatible to our bodies', when wearing it, they create static which stunt our energy and may start out as a subtle itch, sweating or anxiety but if unaddressed over a longer period of time can lead to more severe defects like cancer.  Our lifestyle and goals are quite ambitious like most of you so to give ourselves the best chance at realizing them, we do our best to be ultra mindful of our energy level.  For that reason, we choose organic in most things we consume, especially food & clothing.  #Organic

Bridging All Differences

B-A-D is a philosophy of oneness and unconditional love; a belief that everything in the Universe has a purpose and is therefore a necessary representation of the balanced WHOLE; this means the extreme good all the way to the extreme bad, and all things in between. Why this spiritual awareness is life changing is because it helps free our minds of the chronic anxieties & insecurities that stem from the endless judgement of the "bad" circumstances, events and people in our lives. When we accept these as necessary "evils" & allow ourselves to see their grander purpose--what we can learn from them--as opposed to hating & abolishing them, internal harmony & flow is restored to make way for a higher consciousness (clarity and peace of mind) which not only result in a more balanced physical health but also unlocks a reservoir of innate creativity & confidence intended to be expressed.

#relativity #contrast #embraceDifferences #unconditional #compassion4all

We donate 10% of proceeds to:


Provides life changing support for orphaned and abandoned children in Baja, Mexico.  Their mission is to end child abandonment by providing basic survival, educational & medical needs in hopes of breaking the poverty cycle.

Farm Sanctuary

Works to end farm animal abuse through legislative and legal actions, public awareness and humane education projects. They also rescue and shelter farm animals with two sanctuaries: California &  New York.


Since 2008, LAHH creates and maintains job opportunities for persons with disabilities in the Los Angeles region that will help them develop, express, and apply their talents to maximize their contribution to the community.