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One of our larger life missions is to be great adventure seekers & travelers. Daniel & I do balance regular lives of family, our furry child, work & of course bills, so we make it a goal to leave the country at least every other year, leave the state once a year, take weekend getaways, but most of all enjoy our home & all the hikes, mountains, beaches, trails, etc. our beautiful southern California has to offer. I feel very fortunate to say that we live & see miraculously beautiful things every moment of every day which is why we decided to start this blog, to not only share the explicitly beautiful, but the implicit & simple beauties surrounding us all everyday. 

To really start the adventure venture of this blog though, we wanted to share one of the most beautiful & thoughtful places we have ever been. We've experienced a fair share of breathtaking places in nature & architecture of all kinds, but something about the Korakia was so utterly thoughtful, inspiring & magical. A perfect little B&B at the base of & surrounded by the San Jacinto mountains, it was a true retreat for the soul & senses. A little description from the Korakia's website below:

"Built in 1924, The Moroccan villa, originally named Dar Marroc, was the former hideaway of Scottish painter Gordon Coutts. The villa served as the venue for Coutts to re-create his earlier life in Tangier by employing a wide variety of architectural features that promoted a Moroccan decor."

"Rescued from disrepair in 1989, Dar Marroc was renamed Korakia (Greek for "crow") and crafted into a Mediterranean-style pensione. The resort, now housed in two lovingly restored historic villas, rests on 1.5 lush acres, consisting of bungalows, guesthouses, gardens and pools. From Korakia's distinct keyhole-shaped grand entrance housing a set of ornately carved Moorish wooden double doors to the antiques and handmade furniture found in every room, everything blends harmoniously to create an oasis in the California desert. With citrus blossoms, olive trees, oleander bushes, date palms, bougainvillea vines, gorgeous Moroccan fountains and a stone waterfall spread across the main courtyard area, every aspect of the villas have been restored to the artistic ambiance of their halcyon days."

beautiful fountain right at the entrance.. ummm. good job on the feng shui. =)

never seen a check-in lobby like this before. =)

pathway to the acropolis suite room.

loungy theatre in the common area en route to room.

loungin' in the morning rise. =)

entrance to one of their rooms.  isn't it amazing how a lot of people used to live like this? =)

at least five beautifully unique day beds throughout the properties.  so gorgeous & inviting!

another lovely entrance to one of their rooms.

Every corner of the Korakia was filled with the beauty of culture, nature, passion & art. Surrounded by amazing views of the mountains you truly feel one with nature. All kinds of hummingbirds & wildlife roam throughout and you can only imagine how long every tree, bush & flower has been growing & living amongst the beautiful walls of the Korakia. The original owners were collectors which is very visible throughout the property & the whole place is filled with handmade furniture. Some of our favorite amenities were the heated salt water pools, the complimentary bicycles to ride into the nearby town, Moroccan tea time, homemade breakfast on the patio, stone bath tubs & the most amazing outdoor projection theatre. This haven of Moroccan rugs, cushions & candles underneath the stars project classic movies most nights on a large white wall which was the most magical part of our retreat. We visited during March for my birthday & Spring is clearly the most beautiful time in Palm Springs & that was definitely true of the Korakia. All the flowers were in bloom & the whole place smelled of sweet orange blossoms, not to mention the perfect weather.  When making traveling arrangements, bear in mind that the California desert becomes unbearably hot come Summer & experiences some cold winters (by California standards…).

Lastly, thank you Paulette and your friendly staff for the hospitality & the preservation of this heaven on earth! <3

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