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One of our most favorite way to start everyday is with a kickstart of organic fruits & veggies in the most delicious & trying to be cleanest way possible. I find it promotes not only tons of energy, but lots of feel goodness that leads to an overall healthier day of eating & productivity. I would consider our eating habits & therefore living habits in general about keeping a balance with the good & bad, healthy & dirty. Below are some recipes & tips for easy juicing & super yummy veggie bagels we like to keep our happy mornings going!

Juice Base Ingredients

We try to incorporate a greenish juice into at least every other morning which in general consists of: Apples, carrots, kale, ginger & lemon. I find this to always be a well rounded foundation with all kinds of dynamic benefits, especially if you're ever feeling under the weather. (Easy juicing recipe posted below). I stick to this base because it makes it easier to shop for groceries each week & knowing what to get without letting extra produce go to waste. By all means when I pick up some extra fruits or veggies that are in season or that I'm using for other recipes, I go ahead & mix them into my juice which for the most part turns out fabulous. Some of my favorite add-ins are: cucumber, pineapple, oranges & strawberries. A few of my juices a week, I also add a dash of cayenne & a dash of cinnamon. I like to make small change-ups throughout the week just to keep it interesting. The key to yummy juice is really the proportions of fruits, veggies, citrus & spicy. It takes probably 3 juicing's at most to find the balance you like. I've gotten numerous juices on the go from Whole Foods & health markets of the like that have been totally unsatisfactory & I think mostly because the juicers aren't always considering the proportions of fruits & veggies they are using. I mean apples range in a lot of different sizes, so sometimes I use 3 medium or 2 large, same goes with carrots, and that's really what makes the difference. And you can totally over-do ginger… We source our produce mostly from our weekly farmer's market which allows for super fresh fruits & veggies which don't go bad as fast, perfect ripeness & great quality. One of our favorite benefits of the farmer's markets that everyone should utilize is that apple farmers usually have a box of "juicing" apples which are bruised or lightly damaged apple that aren't as appealing to eat, but just as amazing to juice! We usually use organic Fuji apples which run $2.50/lb at the farmers market & $3.50/lb at the regular market, but our juicing apples are only $1.50/lb which is really a steal because every medium apple is about a 1/2 lb. All in all, the whole juicing process between washing, cutting, juicing & washing up takes only 30 minutes! :)

Veggie Bagels are one of our favorite ways to fill up on the savory side with lots more veggies. The juice above turns out to be lightly sweet & mildly citrus, you barely taste the load of veggies in there :) Daniel & I seemingly eat healthy, but we definitely have our fair share of all the good dirty stuff from pizza to mexican to flaming hot cheetos, we do it all, so we definitely want our healthy eats to still be satisfying. Which is why we find so much joy in these veggie bagels which we make in an array of ways. My personal favorite is an onion or garlic or everything bagel with a spread of cream cheese, avocado (always!), red onions, sprouts, cucumber, tomato with lemon pepper. If you haven't had something of the like, you have no idea what you're missing, you have to of course love veggies to begin with… The savory bagel & avocado are truly all you need for something delicious, but the extras are all great plusses! Daniel personally likes his with hummus which is a healthier option to cream cheese & a vegan option as well. We also like to add spinach when we have it & when you're feeling crazy, a fried egg does not hurt… As long as it was sourced caringly from a happy & free-range chickens! (Easy Veggie Bagel recipe below!)

Easy Juicing Recipe (serves 2)

3 medium Fuji Apples (or 2 large)

3 medium Carrots (or 2 large)

1/2 a hefty bunch of Kale (or 1 whole small bunch)

1 Lemon

2 inch piece of Ginger

…other things we love to add: cucumber, orange, strawberries, coconut, pineapple, beets, dash of cayenne &/or dash of cinnamon.

…other great greens to use: collard greens, swiss chard, spinach, purple cabbage, the possibilities are endless!


Easy Yummy Veggie Bagel Recipe (serves 1)

1 lightly toasted Bagel (I enjoy an everything, go whole grain if you want to be healthier :)

A spread of Cream Cheese or Hummus (I love TJ's organic lightly whipped cream cheese on both sides)

1/2 a ripe Avocado

Red Onion, sliced

Alfalfa Sprouts

Cucumber, sliced

Heirloom or Roma Tomato, sliced

Lemon Pepper (love, love, love) or Himalayan Salt & Black Pepper on top!

…some other favorite add-ons are: spinach, arugula, basil, olives, &/or a fried egg (hopefully sourced from free-range, organic, happy chickens :)

…a simple tasty bagel or even toast with a 1 whole mashed avocado & lemon pepper or salt is also sooo delicious if you're on the run & very filling! Enjoy open face or as a sandwich!


A little about our eating/living philospohies: We totally commend those who promote such amazing lifestyles through veganism, raw, fruitarianism, etc. though we can not consider ourselves any of the above. Diets that promote & empower one another, our minds & bodies, non-violence & earthly preservation are all goals in our book & we incorporate all these diets into our life at different times in different ways, it keeps things fun & interesting! Plus we see them as great body tune-ups & moves in a positive direction. At this point in our lives & journey we have such intentions with the intention to still be able to enjoy a meal our traditional families have cooked us or enjoy outings with friends without them having to worry about our diets. One of our preferences in life is still to be able to connect & share one of the greatest joys of eating with others, because to us, life is nothing without these beautiful relationships with others & not just those of like minds either. So at home we always cook a vegetarian/pescatarian & consider the quality, wholeness & freshness of our food as a top priority for our personal health. Chemicals in food is the number one thing we look to eliminate which mostly coincides with vegetarianism as the majority of the meat industry is loaded with antibiotics & a list of other things you would never feed yourself anyways. I've never taught myself to enjoy cooking meat, I mean all the blood & bones & constant hand washing keeps meat out of our home for the most part, but we don't call ourselves true vegetarians because we do still eat meat when there aren't other options available with friends & family. With this adapted consciousness, we have cut down our meat consumption & processed food/chemical consumption by some 80% & think that is still an amazing advancement that is very doable for most people afraid to give up meat completely & if this option were more exercised than the cold turkey of vegetarianism, I think this would still create quite a revolution! We eat around 5 meals out of the 21 meals a week, so avoiding meat & chemical-laden foods at home makes a huge difference. Even if you eat out more times a week than that, we figure changing what you eat at home will still make a big difference that is very manageable & you'll find yourself naturally making cleaner choices when you go out to eat as well. Also, the more you introduce fresh veggies into your diet the more you love them & the more your body will legitimately crave them! I love the Native American philosophy of giving back more to the earth than you take & that I know would be so possible & easy if it weren't for commercial farming, but I digress. Our overall purpose for this blog & our lifestyle is to document & share our journey to living balanced lives with the consideration of all life around us. We are far from perfect but strive to constantly change & evolve to being more considerate & conscious human beings with positivity & empowerment as big purposes, though we know all positive has to have it's negatives which we also accept & manipulate as positively as possible too! This is a big part of why we call our company I love bad / Bad blankie :)

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