A Visit to the Los Angeles Farm Sanctuary!

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farm animal sanctuary near los angelesOver the weekend, we had the pleasure of visiting a farm animal sanctuary in Acton, California (Los Angeles County) where we got to hang out with some of their incredibly adorable rescued farm animals.  In addition, we were reminded of the inhumane practices in the animal farming industry and how much we care to raise awareness for abused animals. Hence, we're very thankful to have discovered an amazing organization in FARM SANCTUARY to contribute towards the 30 years they've spent rescuing these animals, advocating their rights, along with educating the public on how this industry really works.  

Additionally, the sanctuary cares to educate the public about the myths that animals are needed in our human diet to survive therefore they also care to promote Veganism.  Though we are not Vegans just yet, we do agree with their principles and hope to continually shift towards a diet value that's more aligned with our animal-friendly lifestyle!  It's sooo not easy because we love food and love what we're used to as much as anyone else... but for the deep love & developing connection w/ animals, it's so worth it for us. 

Below are some photos of the animals at the Southern California Farm Sanctuary and if you're ever around the LA area, you most definitely should pay a visit!  It's the perfect fun for a date and if you have kids, even better!  The tour is only for an hour and is only open to the public on Saturdays & Sundays.  For more information, click here.
















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Above is one of their cool cows, named Paulo.  Visit the Farm and you'll learn about his story, along with the others', and how they got there.

i love bad x farm animal sanctuary los angeles california Sheep


Pigs sleeps about 18 hours out of their days!

i love bad x farm animal sanctuary los angeles california 1      

We also learned that "cage free" isn't exactly what you think it is.  Chickens kept out of small cages are trapped in very tight open spaces by the thousands which is really no different than small cages by the dozen. =(

This place reminds me of the Museum of Tolerance, but for animals. <3    
  what does cage free mean?
breezy los angeles farm sanctuary tour guide.
Above is our super chill tour guide, Breezy.  She's quite good at what she does! If you'd like to be a voice for the farm animals, do remember to donate to their cause by clicking here!







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