The BAD UNDIE Hemp T-Shirts Are Here!

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We started selling the "bad blankie" hemp fleece blankets over 5 years ago with a small $500 investment and the intentions to make more quality natural products available all-the-while re-investing only the profits we made.  Fast forward 5 years later, we're able to grow our blanket inventory substantially as well as making and stocking up on men's & women's organic underwear for our customers.  Granted, it did take us a few years to add the 2nd product but going at the rate of a hobbyist, it didn't feel long at all. =)

With the success of the hemp underwear over a year and a half of existence, we continued to re-invest our profits to add yet another product to the line and are super excited now that it'll be available for purchase, tomorrow, 4/20/16.  Typically, it wouldn't be too difficult to design & produce a new item but given the limited capital and experience, we had to compensate with extra thoughtfulness.  Now, after about 6 months of design & logistical work (pricing, packaging, etc.) on the hemp t-shirts, they're finally where we wanted them to be so without further ado, here it is: 

hemp clothing
made in sunny california, usa

Why is this bad undie hemp tee special to us?  PROS: Several features makes it quite awesome.  Firstly, it's a super lightweight & airy t-shirt made perfect for summer wear.  Secondly, the material used couldn't be any more natural.  With it being 70% organic cotton & 30% hemp, no harmful chemicals were introduced in the agricultural process unlike most natural inorganic textile crop.  Additionally, to us, hemp is extremely versatile and therefore the most premium plant fiber used for clothing today (click here to learn more about hemp).  And with its recent legalization in the US, it's getting even more and more premium as the technology surrounding it evolve over the years.  

Furthermore, the bad undie tees are designed to be U-neck tee.  The intention here is to make it your basic "under wear" tee where you can wear it under a shirt and not have the collar over-exposed.  Also, with the shirts being completely natural in color, you will not be exposed to the bleach that is found in most, if not all, white t-shirts.  When we start to introduce our next color, black, it will be dyed using a low-impact dyeing process that's chemically safe to the skin & environment--it'll likely be another few months.  And finally, these shirts are all made here, in the USA. 

Cons: Though we'd like for the shirts to have no perceivable negative side, we'd like to express some just for the sake of balance.  1)  The shirts are a bit crispy, like having been dry cleaned, at first when your receive them.  Though very wearable without washing, to get that extra softness that we're all so used to, you'll want to wait after the first wash.  2) The shirts can be a bit wrinkly so unless you dry clean organically or hang dry, we'd recommend hanging the tees after the wash.  It's a bit more work but like everything else, you get what you put into it!  <3 

To buy, simply click on one of the three images in this post and you'll be redirected to the product listing.  Thanks for visiting and we hope to hear from ya soon!  =)

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