The Mobius Arch Trail in Lone Pine, is it Worth the Stop??

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En route home from our snowboarding trip in Mammoth Lakes this past week, we decided to take a slight 15 minute detour from the 395 highway to do a bit of hiking with Max at the Mobius Arch Trail in the desert setting where old western movies were commonly filmed at.  At first, we weren't sure if it was worth the detour since the photos didn't seem very impressive but as we approached the trail head, the rocky Mars-like vibes quickly made it an obvious yes.  
Currently, there seems to be a bit of work done to develop the area to accommodate more guests as we were able to see an earth mover workin' its way along a distant trail.  However, with poor trail signs up and few directional rocks in place, staying on trail wasn't easy.  Fortunately, the area is pretty flat so going off trail and back on wasn't a problem.  After walking for about 3/4 miles in from the trailhead in search for the Arch (which was said to be about 1/2 miles in), we turned back around feeling quite satisfied with what we had already experienced. On our walk back, we ran into another group that too had a difficult time staying on trail as well as finding that mysterious arch.

mobius arch trail 1
mobius arch trail 2
mobius arch trail 3
mobius arch trail 4Hemp Shirt + Nature
mobius arch trail 5
mobius arch trail 6
The images above are the shots from the drive leading up to the trail.
mobius arch trail 10
mobius arch trail 9
mobius arch trail 11
mobius arch trail 1
mobius arch trail 8
mobius arch trail 1
 mobius arch trail 1


As you can see from the pictures above, if you haven't already, definitely check this trail out should it happen to be somewhere along your path.  I'm not sure how the vibe would be during the non snowing season but I wouldn't want to imagine the trail without seeing the endless snow caps!  If you have any questions or comments regarding this trail, please feel free to message us below!


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