Organic Blankets vs. Regular Synthetic Blankets

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In 2010, Daniel was continually stressing about his excessive sweating sleeping nights and after thoroughly researching into his case, we have discovered that anything inorganic (clothes, kitchenware, food, liquid, blankets, etc.) pressed against our skin, or placed in our biosphere rather, presents an inharmonious radiation (vibration) that hinders our energy flow (an energy flow the Chinese refer to as Qi, pronounced Chi).

Continual exposure of this inharmonious radiation will lead to a continual decrease in energy weakening our immune system which paves way for all forms of physical (laziness, cancer, arthritis, etc.) and mental disorders (anxiety, depression, impatience, etc), negatively affecting all aspects of our lives making us look and feel older than we would otherwise. Sleeping on top of most inorganic mattresses is already disabling as it is and wrapping ourselves with a blanket made of  inorganic cotton (if it does not say  ”organic cotton,” then it is simply inorganic), polyester, nylon, rayon, plastic, Styrofoam, and all inorganic materials worsens it–this includes the unnatural vibration (60 hertz) of electricity used in electric blankets.

For this reason, we have searched for an organic (hemp, organic cotton, bamboo, silk, etc.) blanket on eBay and all over the Internet but was unable to find anything suitable for our taste as far as pricing, comfort, and design goes. Instead of settling with something we were not happy with, we decided to custom-make our own blanket and have concluded after thorough testing that hemp and organic cotton is the best fabric combination coupled with a french terry and fleece texture.

sdfasdThe organic blanket we made came out to be better than we had imagined in that it had resolved my boyfriend*s problem, looks fabulous, feels amazing, and completely easy to handle, wash and take anywhere.  Also, being that the reviews that were given on the blankets were so spectacular, we have decided to make more to have available for the public to purchase!




Organic Blanket by B♡D BLANKIE

55% Hemp; 45% Organic Cotton Texture: Fleece on both sides Sizes: Tiny (29×35″); Small (58 x 90″); Medium (81 x 90″); Large (90x 108″) Blanket Color: Natural (Vanilla Cream) Adult Size Trim Color: Bad Red; Emerald Blue; Granola Brown; Burnt Orange; Hemp Green Made by us in USA.





bad blankie organic hemp blanket by ilovebad

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