How to Stop Sweaty and Stinky Feet Naturally.

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Acrylic Socks Creates Foot Sweat & OdorWe're sure there are numerous ways you can go about reducing sweaty and smelly feet but one of the ways we've discovered some time ago when we got into the natural living business is to wear natural socks that are made from mainly natural fibers like hemp, organic cotton, wool, etc.  In contrast, synthetic socks (see image right) like the ones the hospitals give out to its patients made from mainly Polyestor, Nylon, & or Acrylic fibers.  

Having observed the ethereal energy that pervades our body (chi, prana, mana, etc.) and atmosphere, what I've noticed is that energy becomes stale once it gets trapped.  Because synthetic socks block the natural flow of energy going in and out of our body via the skin's millions of pores, like a body of water that doesn't flow, the energy within and around our feet becomes idle and stale and starts to sweat which then creates an environment that fosters bacteria & fungi.  And as we all know from our lab experiments with petri dishes back in the middle school days, bacteria releases quite a bit of gases during fermentation which smells like...pungent feet.

So in short, if you want to combat sweaty and odorous feet naturally, simply switch your socks to natural alternatives, especially if you or your husband's work revolves around labor intensive activities such as construction.  To give ya an idea of its effectiveness, here's what one of our amazing customers had said recently in his review about our hemp + organic cotton socks.

How to Stop Feet Odor (smelly feet) Naturally.

Changing to any natural pair of hemp socks should do the trick to help with the odor and sweaty feet.   However, if you're into socks Made in the USA which promote fair wagers, domestic manufacturing, personal and environmental health, we invite you to check out the socks we had spent about 2 years of research to make.  To read more details about them, please click here.  Otherwise you can purchase them directly below.  Also, for a limited time, feel free to use coupon code:  BlogSocks10 for a 10% discount off your entire purchase at our shop.


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