Bad Blankie - The World's First NATURAL Fleece Blanket!

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Where it all started for us. We made our first hemp fleece blanket back in 2010 to combat Daniel's night sweats (more about that in our About page) & fell in love with it's comfort, warmth, breathability & like how cool it was made with hemp! We began to learn so much more about the wonders & uses of Hemp & the super quality of all the textiles that our local distributor, Hemptraders, had in store. We of course continued with our jobs & daily life for about 3 years & originally sold the blankets on eBay as a custom order kinda thing. In that time a lot of family & friends along with custom orders began to enjoy the blankie & we stumbled upon the perfect marketplace for a few hemp hobbyists like ourselves, Etsy!

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(Bad Blankies & Bad Bungalow 2.0 under construction, September 2017)

We slowly started to keep extra blankets in stock since sporadically making one-off orders became more difficult with full time jobs. Using the Bad Blankie (& getting older & maybe wiser) inspired us to continually seek more comfortable things & more natural & organic options. We therefore started getting fed up with elastic waistbands & muffin tops in our underwear which sprouted Bad Undie by end of 2014 when we decided we really needed to pursue this hobby as a serious side-business. End of 2015 we decided to pursue this more full time with the growth of some custom home goods, tees & socks. Here we are finishing out 2017 fresh over the border from our sabbatical in Mexico going full force to grow into full-service organic hemp essentials line.

But I digress, we recently just got really hands on with our first child, Bad Blankie. We had completely sold out of blankies before leaving for Mexico last year & one of the first orders of opening up shop was to produce a batch of blankies again which is the only product that Daniel & I still create by hand in our home office along with Chi Hang, our blankie seamstress (our other products are handmade by local, small, family-owned sew houses). We began to remember why we started this all & fell in love again with our first baby. The blankie is something we often take for granted, as parents, because it is truly the first child in terms of the most mature, most developed & therefore very independent. We rarely have to tweak much with the blankies anymore as over the years they've truly become the best they could be whereas our other goods are constantly going through little changes & learning curves as our blankies once did... & then we realized, wow, the blankies really are the best! They've brought so much happiness, comfort, warmth & non sweaty cuddles to so many people & then we stepped back & realized just how #blessed we are to have them.

(Bad Sanctuary 2.0 where all our organic goodies await departure, October 2017)


For those who haven't got to try our blankies, they are a 55% hemp 45% organic cotton, fleece blanket, handmade in California. Most all fleece blankets are made of polyester, so this may very well be the only natural & organic option for the comfort of fleece.  The closest thing I could compare would be if you had a cashmere blanket, except our blankies are also vegan :) & far less expensive  than cashmere & pretty much less expensive than any other hemp blanket we could find online & warmer/heavier than any other organic cotton option we could find, which I think puts them in a class of their own. They are a light but nonetheless weighted blanket (highly recommended for deep sleeps) that keeps you lovingly warm in the winter while being really breathable & cool in the summers (the wonders of hemp!). They are uber soft to the touch & we have heard more than a few times that they swaddle you like a (big) baby & help you sleep 'like a baby'.

(Valle de Guadalupe, Baja California, w/ Bad Blankie, July 2016)


After coming back from Mexico, our distributor, Hemptraders, had actually told us someone had called to figure out how to make a Bad Blankie since we were on sabbatical & realized that the cost of material & labor to make them individually would cost more than we were retailing them. We always strive to be transparent with our process & our pricing & realized how cool it was that we are able to sell a product that truly holds it's value with no mark-ups that customers couldn't get behind. We've built a loving relationship with our distributor & buy in bulk to save on the fabric costs which is where a portion of our profit is derived and produce much of the blanket by hand ourselves while paying our seamstress $15 an hour to help us out. Moreover, our blankets require a special 6-needle surger machine which is what binds our blanket with a long-lasting quality & precision required for the heavier material; a machine that we were able to purchase, used, which helps with costs in the long run as well. & on top of that, we strive to keep selling direct through our website, Etsy & Amazon to cut out middle-man costs which is the formula for how we make money to keep the business going while being able to offer customers the best price while improving quality & satisfaction by staying local & hands on.

(Bad Blankies, Tees, Undies & Socks @ Home, October 2017)


I apologize for the long story, but felt inspired to share some love for the baby that started it all for us; & because we have no doubt of their magical powers. We even offer 100 day happiness guarantee with our bad blankies because we know no one option is the best option for everybody; but we've been pretty lucky on guaranteeing happiness with bad blankies thus far. We hope you'll get a chance to try them out sometime & feel free to say hello if you have any questions!

Thank you so much for tuning in! & much love & peace to you all <3 <3 <3

(Our cherub of a niece w/ Bad Blankie, August 2015)

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