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 May all your dreams, goals & wishes come into fruition in this magical & boundless new year <3

We knew we wanted to getaway from the holiday hustle & bustle this year. Then what we found was an unexpected magically perfect spiritual entering into the new year.

Driving through the canyons of the Sierra Nevada to visit our favorite Northern California Farm, Sasquatch Farms, for Christmas. Max is our favorite road trip partner; he's quiet & sleeps the entire time, but is so keen on mountain air, he can barely sit still when driving up a mountain!

<3 Alba the Goat <3

Sasquatch Farms Wild Goose Hunting

Christmas Duck

Our dear friend, Farmer Jon or Mccormick, set off 1 1/2 years ago to transform his grandparents acres of land up in Quincy, CA (home of the High Sierra Music Festival, Farmer Jon & that's about it) into a full-fledge farm. He houses goats for milking, chickens, ducks & an array of organic seasonal produce which you can find in Sierra Nevada markets & the Quincy Natural Foods Co-Op. We don't regularly eat meat, but being able to experience lovingly & ethically raised animals, being a part of all the work it takes to harvest even a single small bird & knowing exactly where our Christmas dinner came from was worth the grueling experience of bloodshed. Though we most likely will do our best to spare the animals & spare ourselves from ever harvesting another animal again... <3

Farmer Jon McCormick

Free Range Duck & Sage

Daniel & Max collecting mushrooms

Christmas Day was a beautifully sunny & crisp day for a hike in the mountains with something way more up our alley, mushroom hunting.

Shiitake Mushrooms

Shiitake mushrooms growing up a log.

Wild Mushroom Foraging

Sierra Nevada

A wonderful farm to table Christmas dinner prepared by Mccormick & Brandy <3

The 2 days of Christmas spent in the mountains with wonderful friends was not long enough. But the number of first experiences & inspirations were more than we could ask for for another year! Especially since this was only the beginning as we head west for the infamous HWY 1 to experience the glory of Big Sur.

We camped for 4 days & 3 nights fully immersed in Big Sur's beauty for the first time. From the lush forests, valleys & humbling ocean, there was no reception, running water or showers for 4 days. It was pristine, serene & seriously epic.



We stayed at Limekiln Park, where you can camp on the beach & hike through the wild Redwood forests because they are within 1/4 mile of each other...

Plaskett Creek which is across from the most rogue hiking trails that lead to edge of the cliffs with the closest & best whale watching spots. The campground is also only a hop & a skip away from Sand Dollar Beach.

And Kirk Creek, our favorite campground, perched in the bluffy cliffs off the ocean. This site has the best 24/7 views of the ocean, bluffs & sunsets <3


Then just like that, 2015 rolled around, & we have never been so ready. There's nothing like an immersing nature tune-up to inspire you through another year. Mother earth rocks! Truly, madly, deeply <3





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