What "Vegan Friendly" means to us.

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what does vegan friendly meanCaring to be spiritual people that recognizes the "oneness" which connects all beings in this physical domain, we've become more and more aware that meat eating, like most, if not all other habits, is more about choice than about need & good health. 

That said, we'd taken great strides over the past decade to gradually change our diet from a 100% meat diet, which consists of A LOT of meat in every breakfast, lunch & dinner, to somewhere around a 5% meat diet, averaging about 1 out of every 20 meals that includes a little bit of meat.  Since we're not fully Vegan and because we truly appreciate Vegans for their strict commitment & especially love of animals, we care to consider ourselves "Vegan-friendly" as opposed to being Vegan. 

Similarly, this is how we define our iLoveBAD hemp project, making & selling products utilizing mainly vegan-friendly fibers yet rarely would include a bit of non-vegan-friendly fibers such as the mulberry silk you'll find in our hemp silk scrunchies, currently the only non-vegan friendly product we sell at our Etsy store.









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