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Back in 2007, I had build up the courage to give MDMA a try which had opened my mind to a spirituality that I had never considered prior.  At that time, at age 27, I was a drug kinda person, in fact, I feared drugs due to all the things media and people (often people that have never even tried it) have heard and said about it.  And instead of simply only partying with MDMA, I chose use this present moment inducing supplement to inquire about the ways of the Universe and without expectations, the Universe spoke back.

Under the experience of MDMA, what happened was the inhibition/insecurities/fear, mainly self-imposed, had dissipated which got me to start thinking on a level of love and compassion versus a fear-based mentality that I and most people have been conditioned to believe since we were born.  This expansive thinking had allowed me to not only discover some patterns in the Universe but also to discover the connection we as humans, as spirits, have with the Universe.  On a deeper level, it had really gotten me to believe that we are all individual expressions of the infinite Universe which makes up the WHOLE.  Simply put, we are all but one spirit overlapping an infinite parallel Universe and like Einstein had mentioned, energy cannot be created nor destroy so the Universe is really a movement of energy in cycles with forces which is the mechanics behind the illusion of physicality.

I don't say this to get overly esoteric but rather to emphasize that there is death isn't what we think it is, it doesn't just end there.  Hence, with death and all else that we as humans fear and become bottled up with insecurities from, why get caught up in all the seeming differences that had to exist?  From this experience and new outlook on life, amazing things have happened to me in overcoming anxieties and developing myself into this well-rounded person I didn't think existed prior.  And with that said, I wanted to encapsulate this philosophy in a package that aligns with our business.  Below is the brainstorming process that lead to the final paragraph.  Please feel free to feedback if you care to connect.  Namaste. <3


BAD to us represents a philosophy of the Yin Yang which denotes that everything in the Universe must exist with its polar opposite to fully represent balance.  Examples of this are the polar opposites in hot & cold, left & right, male & female, excitement & depression, good & bad, and so forth.  That said, with all the experiences we’ve endured in our lives, do recognize that as many hardships as we may have endured, there are an equal amount of beautiful things to be grateful about as well as the many beautiful things these hardships may lead us to just around the corner in an unknown future.  

bad to us represents an uplifting philosophy to help us overcome the hardships in our lives.  Often times, when we experience a depressing or even traumatic experience, we slap ourselves with a lot of questions as to why its gotta happen to us.  

Is a philosophy that reminds us that a balanced life isn’t about not having any roadblocks but rather about growing to make ourselves bigger, a lot bigger, than these road blocks.  This perspective doesn’t just apply to our events and circumstances but also to the people in our lives.

bad is a philosophy of the Yin & Yang that reminds us that good and bad has to coexist as a balancing dance of the Universe.  So instead of avoiding the bad events or people in our lives that causes us stress, recognize that their existence is there to teach us a very valuable lesson about our personal & sometimes spiritual development.  Once those lessons are learned, the associated stresses will naturally stop despite the same events and circumstances (or people) still being very present in your life.  This is important as our health and mental faculties is directly tied to our level of stress so with a better capacity to manage our stress level, the resulted excess energy can be applied towards the experiences we care to manifest.

BAD to us represents a Yin/Yang message of acceptance of the good and bad as two sides of the same coin, unconditional love so-to-speak.

bad.. Yin Yang.  recognition of the necessity that good and bad must coexist as an infinite expression of the Universe.  This simple philosophy is important because most of our insecurities and illnesses stems from the

it helps us to not only overcome the depressing and traumatic experiences in our lives but also to see it as a necessary component to our personal and spiritual development.  That said, the next time we’re quick to judge someone or some situation as being bad, stop to consider the possible lessons waiting to be transmuted

Without bad, there wouldn’t be good.

Other than offering a collection of thoughtful products, BAD also represents a philosophy of unconditional love for all ways of thinking.  This philosophy of acceptance highlight the need for both the good & bad (and all things in between) to co-exist inorder to express make up the infinite expression that is the Universe.  Without one, there is no other.  When this philosophy is realized, a person’s mind would no longer be filled with the limited thinking of judgement & bad health but instead a limitless energy of creativity and good health.

Because a lot of our insecurities and illnesses stem from how we perceive the world, this philosophy

Other than offering a collection of thoughtful products that promotes a balanced health,
 that promotes a balanced health

Other than eating healthy, exercising, wearing clean clothes and doing all the physical things that helps us stay healthy, often times those health aren’t truly fulfilled until we are mentally fulfilled.  That’s why the act of giving back to the community through service is known to ease the mind contributing to internal peace and good health.  Along those lines, being kind to others is also a mentally stimulating act that contributes towards our good health except that some times it’s hard to do so when the values that the other people possess do not align with ours.  Hence, to us, that’s where the Philosophy of BAD comes to mind because it reminds us that the Universe doesn’t see good and bad in the same way we do.  Instead, She simply sees it as left and right, or up and down, hot & cold… all individually necessary components to make up the other half.  In other words, She sees them as  truly relative, depending on the experiences of the beholders.  

Other than offering products that promotes good health for the environment and ourselves, to us, a truly balanced health doesn’t come without our personal peace of mind.  And because most of our insecurities stem from our fear of the “differences” that we truly know little about, the Philosophy of BAD reminds that these seemingly “bad” people and circumstances are necessary to balance out the many goods in our lives as well as helping our minds evolve beyond the level that limits us to seeing those events as only “bad.”   By realizing this, you’ll not only be removed from the bad past, but instead will be able to free the infinite creativity of the mind that the insecurities had restricted.

Our entire lives we’ve been taught little to nothing about the workings of the Universe as if the Universe has no particular pattern whatsoever.  Yet people like Plato, Da Vinci, Galileo and almost all astronomers of the past becomes enlightened when they take time to observe the patterns in the stars.  Instead of learning these patterns that may reveal information about the Universe, our relationship to the Universe, and about ourselves as to what our purpose is here, we’re simply taught naming conventions and definitions of what things are supposed to be.  

BAD represents an unconditional love vibe.  It serves as a reminder to us that despite

BAD represents an unconditional love vibe and serves as a reminder to not judge a book by its cover.  Often times we fear things, people, or events that we know little to nothing of, but instead believe fully through hearsay or irresponsible media.  These fear creates a filter of insecurity on how we perceive the world so that we may keep ourselves out of harms way.  Despite being possibly true, more often than not, these fear are often unreal as the chances of the true events happening to us equates to that of a lightning strike.  And rather than exploring life to the fullest, we avoid people, circumstances, and events that makes life more enriching.  Likewise, our insecurities of these unknowns stunts the life force that is, our creativity.

Bridging All Differences

B.A.D. represents an unconditional love philosophy to remind us about the importance of differences.  With

B-A-D is a philosophy of oneness; a belief that everything in existence has a purpose and is therefore a necessary representation of the WHOLE.  This means the extreme good all the way to the extreme bad, and everything in between.  Why this spiritual awareness is beneficial is because it helps dissolves our mind of the internal anxieties that stems from the endless judgement (insecurities) of events, people, and most importantly, ourselves.  When these internal conflicts are resolved, internal harmony is restored to make way for clarity and peace of mind which not only result in a more balanced physical health but also unlocks a reservoir of confidence & creativity dying to be expressed. 

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