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There's so many exciting things happening in the hemp world from legalization to awareness & so many new products. When we first started this hobby turned small business in 2010, many people didn't know what hemp was & now in 2018 you'd be hard pressed to not see Hemp CBD's showing up at your favorite juice & coffee shop & hemp products all over your local grocer. It's really exciting times & we're elated to be apart of such a great community. Navigating through this new world has nonetheless been overwhelming as a bulk of these products have yet to make their way to the biggest marketplaces like Amazon which is where I do most of my product research & development or just haven't been on the market long enough to have a good common place for us to compare & contrast reviews & information. That is until we found the great peoples over at Ministry of Hemp & SVN Space...

Our friends over at Ministry of Hemp are taking their place as America's leading advocate for hemp & they're doing a damn good job bringing up-to-date & ever-changing information & reviews on all the best that the hemp industry is offering. We love their straight to the point comparisons on different products & their discoveries on all the cool things hemp is finding itself in from beer to vitamins & more.


While the ladies at SVN Space are leading a Modern Green Evolution with their female curated space that informs on so many great hemp products that are not only beautiful but good for you & the planet. Not only is their page filled with great articles & information, you can shop through their beautifully curated selection of hemp goods.

We highly recommend getting lost in both these wonderful spaces as they both employ some great contributing writers, really really neat products & just wealths of information that start with hemp but really end with just the overall greater good.


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