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We began this business just trying to make something we needed, a breathable blanket, out of super soft fabric with our newly founded soulmate of textiles, hemp. As we've grown over the last 6 years in this "bad" business both individually & as a team, this desire to help fill the natural & holistic needs of our customers & ourselves has grown into a series of not only products, but lifestyle habits. In the desire to make something to the best of our abilities & values in terms of being clean, modern, useful, versatile, healthy, comfortable, ethical & honest (which we can't say we were or are perfect at) we somehow began to shine a light on & transform our lives to something we cared a lot about & suddenly had to be accountable for since we made a business out of it, an integrative organicly balanced lifestyle that includes the good & the bad while living consciously of it. What was our hobby, became our business whilst becoming our lifestyle. With our website & this blog we had hoped to share anything we possibly found helpful in terms of health & happiness because though this may not always be enough, this is the largest & sometimes only driving force behind our business. We are beginning to realize that we're not obsessed with business or these products as we are about wanting to serve people's organic needs, & these products do their best when that is our focus. So living a happy & balanced lifestyle has kinda become what this business has become for us & the products just comfortably caress our bodies throughout this process :)

The number one thing we've found ourselves subconsciously posting about through this blog is all kinds of adventures & tips... And we have a feeling soon this may be the only kind of content you'll be finding here as we plan to hit the road for 6 months come 2017 ;). Apparently travel has become one of our favorite ways to water our health & happiness. So here's a little look into some radical places we found ourselves this Summer '16 & how, what, where you'd want to know if ya want to go :) Our first stop will be back to the oh so magical-Big Sur.


Climbing down the cliffs to Jade Cove - yeah, Big Sur is well-known for it's beaches filled with rocks of Jade 💚

The oh-so-photogenic, McWay Falls

Bitches love Bixby Bridge!

Kirk Creek Campgroud

Limekiln Falls


For those of you who have never been, because anyone who has already understands the unique glory of this magical place, Big Sur is about 85 miles of windy, rocky coastline between Carmel & San Simeon. You know the minute you enter Big Sur, 1. because you'll have absolutely no cell phone service at all ever mm mmm no, 2. the undeveloped & minimally populated coastline becomes a long, plunging, mystical, rocky cliffside of which you will wind up, down, side to side amidst deep blue to turquoise waters with redwood wilderness on your other side.

From what I remember, there are about 2 gas stations, 2-3 convenience stores, a count-on-one-hand few restaurants & hotels & airbnbs to be had in this 85 mile-ish stretch of preserved land & state park camps. We've only tent camped in Big Sur on the south end with Kirk Creek being our most favorite campground as it is on the ocean side of the highway with nice grassy camps, one of the best views & it's own little hike down to a little beach. Only catch, seriously intelligent raccoons & no running water... So go find yourself on one of the nearby waterfall hikes & get yourself the greatest shower the world has to offer & get yourself a flashlight for that really not great kind of terrible campground bathroom....

Being on the south end, we did a full drive to the north end up to the infamous photo stop, Bixby Bridge. The drive through Big Sur whichever direction you are heading is worth the trip & also pretty sketchy, so go slow. It's hard to explain why you'd drive 85 miles of coastline where the cliffs meet the ocean & how bio-diverse/earth-mazing that would be because I can't describe it, but it's legit, you'll love it. There's so many stops along the way with Big Sur Bakery, Nepenthe Restaurant, Pfeiffer Burns State Park & McWay Falls just being a few stops, but there are many radical day & multi-day hikes deeper into the park. 

If you're staying in the South End, ya gotta spend a day at Sand Dollar Beach after a little treasure hunting at the nearby Jade Cove, hike & cool off at Limekiln or Salmon Creek Falls :)

I don't think there's a true limit to how many times you can visit Big Sur & if it's something you've considered, well yah, it's gonna be more than you expect :)




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