Sold everything to Viva la Mexico 2017!

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We've--and our pug max--been on the road in Mexico for just over 3 months now, halting our growing business just before we left along with most everything else in our lives. I'd consider our lives & work as pretty damn fortunate being that we felt free in that we got to work for ourselves & serve the most amazing & special of customers through i love bad organics. Further, we are surrounded by awesome family & friends & lived in a city we loved, Long Beach.  We fell into our lives & business by chance & choice, but nonetheless felt very settled at maybe too early in our lives--daniel being 36 and me 28--which is something we always thought or were told we wanted.  However, to be a bit more sure that this is truly what we wanted, we decided to exercise detachment to our existing lives by selling all of our things to explore / experience different inspirations road tripping through Mexico for 6 months! 

The things we've got to see, experience & learn thus far are not what we expected at all, but it's truly been worth every moment of the good, beautiful, stressful, lost & bad. There's been so many ups & downs, it's truly just life, but parallel, in Mexico, so like same same but different. Sometimes different is just what the doctor ordered, not better or worse, just different. It allows us to see things different, be different, experience different, think different & when we come back home in July, hopefully we'll approach life a little different too; rejuvenated and even more purposeful.  =)  If you ever desire to step away from the same repetitive life for the sake of change and re-appreciation of all the beautiful things you've come to take for granted, we highly recommend it so feel free to ask below if there's anything we can help you with in. 

bajia de concepcion, baja --mexico

balandra, la paz

isla ispiritu santos

malecon, la paz

our adventure vehicle the 2013 nissan juke -- coast of campeche

the color cemetary at sayulita, nayarit

the cenote at Hacienda Lorenzo, Valladolid

the hidden mayan ruins in palenque

hierve de aqua, oaxaca

iglesia de san ignacio in baja mexico

guanajuato city in the state of guanajuato

san miguel de allende

teotituacan cerca de ciudad de mexico

Currently: in Mexico City as of 7 April 2017. 3 left months to go <3


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