Snowy Road to Mammoth Lakes: What You'll Want to Bring and Are Chains Required?

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Mammoth Lakes Forecast:  60% snow @ 30 degrees
Departure time:
6:00am March 6th, 2019
Route:  Long Beach, CA via 405 --> 5 --> 14 --> 395 --> 203 to Old Mammoth Rd.
Time Traveled:  5.5 hours.
Lodging Option:  AirBnb Condo on the Old Mammoth Road
Driving Conditions in Mammoth:  In regards to the rain & snow in Mammoth Lakes, there are a lot of concerns as to whether or not it's safe to drive and if so, would chains be required.  From our recent experience, despite being told by a dear friend to not go due to recent storms and heavy forecast, Brittanny and I decided to test our luck anyhow.  We're quite calm people so the risks involved are often perceived as necessary ingredients for an adventure to us.  =)

What You'll Need:  In preparation for this trip, we were advised to bring a window scraper to scrape the snow that piles on the front and side windows when parking for longer duration of time (usually 2+ hours.  This was incredibly useful so we would recommend getting this for your snowy trip.  Click this link to purchase one from Amazon if you don't already have one.  Likewise, should your lodging hosts, be it hotel or AirBnB, not provide a snow shovel, it would also be incredibly useful to bring one along.  You can also click here to buy a highly rate one for $20.


(above) The 1pm afternoon we arrived in Mammoth.

Porsche Macan in the Snow

In regards to snow chains, we were told that they're required by friends.  However, it turns out that though this is true that you do need them in your car to cross certain check points during the snowy days, you have the options to not use them should you be driving a 4-wheel vehicle.  According to our AirBnB host, of the 15 years he had lived there, he had never once had to use the snow chains when driving his AWD vehicles.  We complied and brought chains but we took our chances by not using them because they're just plain awkward for the car.  However, we did drive cautiously at around 45 mph and avoided higher piles of snow where possible.  Fortunately, the roads leading to Mammoth's are not curvy like Big Bear or Tahoe so we didn't seem close to losing control at any point.  In case you're curious, the vehicle we had driven was a Porsche Macan w/ Perrelli Scorpion Verden All Season Tires. 

Are Snow Chains Required in Mammoth 2019?


The scenic roads along the 395 leading to Mammoth.

On our recent snowboarding trip, britt & I were entranced by the endless natural sceneries leading up to the snowy mountains of Mammoth along the 395 Cailfornia highway.  As you can see below, nature is quite the artist.  

inyo county rocks

love rocks.  =)

mammoth march 2019

them cloudy days are pretty dreamy.

mammoth march 2019.2

britt & i alternate driving every 2 hours on most road trips.  I used to insist on driving all the time for chivalry sake but she also enjoys driving and it switches things up.  Thank goodness she's a solid driver.  

mammoth march 2019

mammoth march 2019Mistyrious

mammoth march 2019.4

ilovebad hemp shirt in mammoth lakes, CA

snapped a quick photo of the hemp tee I was wearing.  hemp is nature.  we are all nature.

mammoth march 2019



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