Frequencies, Vibrations, Radiations. What It Is and Why it Matters?

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"If you wish to understand the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration"  -Nikola Tesla

It is common knowledge in today’s scientific communities that the Universe is comprised of entirely energy.  When zoomed in with a most powerful microscope, everything from a rock to UV rays to our thoughts are simply nonphysical vibrating energy and the main aspect that differentiate one energy from the other is its rate of vibration, known as frequency or radiation. 

Although radiation have been negatively associated due to nuclear disasters, not all radiation are BAD for us but instead, whether or not they're compatible with our body’s energy field and its radiation.  Compatibility can be simplified as being in rhythm (or out of rhythm) with another energy field.  Just like the notes & chords in music, if their vibrational rhythm are compatible, the sounds become more vibrant; this is called harmony.  The same with our relationship to the people we meet, the food we eat, colors we see, music we listen to, fibers of the clothes we wear, etc.  When we’re in rhythm with the aforementioned energy fields, it heightens our energy level, our health. 

On the contrary, consider the material compositions of certain foods, people or clothes you surround yourself with that you know are cheap, fast, dirty, superficial, etc.  Despite it likely being fulfilling vice-wise, would you consider them to heighten or dampen your energy level?  By asking you this question, we hope we've invoked thoughts that'll help you better understand your energy level & health. 

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