The oMEGA Benefits of Eating Hemp

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health benefits of hemp seed oil

Recently, rediscovered as a super food, hemp has a myriad of benefits and is typically eaten in the form of cold pressed seed oil or from the hearts of the seed itself.  When scouring the internet, you cannot help but to find endless amounts of information written about its many benefits and in this blog piece of ours, we're simply going to do our best to sum up these benefits in laymen terms.

health benefits of hemp seed oilOur body consists of fatty acids, of which, only 2 are essential for our health in that they are required for biological processes. The first of two essential fatty acids (EFA) are the Omega-6, which role is to stimulate skin and hair growth, maintain bone health, regulate metabolism, and help the brain function. Omega-3's on the other hand reduces blood pressure as well as the risk of cardiovascular disease. 

unrefined cold pressed hemp seed oil for dogsThese two EFAs exist in our body with a 3:1 ratio, which incidentally coincides with the ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3 that exists within hemp seed oil.  Because of the benefits listed above as well as the proportion that they exist within the seeds of hemp, many health experts are convinced about hemp seed oil being a super food for the human body. 

Personally, we do not consume hemp seed oil as much as some others because our health doesn't suggest that we need it.  However, we do add about a couple table spoons of the unrefined cold pressed hemp seed oil in our pug's (Max) food everyday.  I'm not sure if it helps because Max's health is often stellar but one thing for sure is that Max's 5-year old fur coat still feels as soft as that of a puppy! 



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