Going Black!

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When we began making the hemp undies about a year ago, we weren't ready for the dyeing process because of 1.) our limited understanding of it in terms of Eco-friendliness  2.) we wanted to further the trial process to see if our customers felt that modifications were still necessary & 3.)  COST.  However, after months x months of selling em, due to great feedback, customer requests, and a bit of $$$ saved up, we felt that we were finally ready to introduce black! 

In introducing black, some $2,000 were spent to get it to market for us.  Materials, labor, packaging, & website edits made up the bulk of the cost and this added roughly an average of $2 (cost) to each underwear for both the men & women's underwear.  This made us reexamine the pricing of the undies for both the black and the natural color and our end result was to keep the price the same for the men's undies @ $24 and $3.00 less for the female panties to get it to $21.  This idea was somewhat perfect for us because we had already felt that the female panties were under-priced.  This kinda help us gain some closure on that pricing situation for now without having to increase the overall prices of the undies and for that we are happy.  =)





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