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in late 2010, the bad blankies were born out of the need for a natural blanket that is harmless and more conducive to the vibrational energies of a natural human body.  Thankfully, the change to the bad blankie (made from hemp and organic cotton did the trick and my sweating instantly ceased! 

3 years later in 2014, the same need for an alternative underwear that is not only natural but is also waistband free (because my waist is sensitive to the tight pressure of the classic 100% elastic waistband), made from fibers that are completely plant-based where the potential to exploit animals are nonexistent, super soft & comfortable, and made in a classic boxer brief style that we thought many people would appreciate.  Likewise, Brittanny had her own desire to fulfill certain needs that she felt weren't satisfied in the alternative underwear space.  For her, the perfect female pantie would also be 100% plant fiber based, classic, and... sexy fun.  

Because of the reasons above, we were compelled once again to create something we thought would satisfy our needs along with the needs of many like-minded people out there.  Hence, the bad undie line was seeded and after about a year of trial and error, the 1st undie production launched and we started selling them by the end of 2014!  

A special thanks to Larry & the team @ in LA county for continuously providing us the textile at a fair price for the making of these undies.   As well, thanks to the people @LA dye & wash for pre-washing & tumble drying the fabric to remove the shrinkage without compromising the softness.  Lastly but not least important is a big kudos to our manufacturing team at Sabaria Sewing in Santa Ana for providing the specialized flat-locking skill and machine to get the underwear sewn!  There were lots of emotional highs and lows in getting this underwear to market and Jose's team shared a lot of those moments with us. For that, we are very grateful. <3

Thanks for dropping by and for reading.  =)  If you have any questions regarding our products or even process, feel free to shoot us a message anytime.  We aim to be as transparent and of service to you as much as possible.  

All the best! 


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