Interrupted Sleeps for Babies are Normal but Not Natural

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When we first started this business in 2010, our primary purpose was to create a blanket that is breathable (allows your skin to breathe), which is intended to stop the wearer from experiencing excessive sweating while asleep.  After getting a lot of these blankets out and receiving amazing responses about the improved sleeps that everyone was getting, we're beyond happy & grateful to be able to help people--our friends and family--sleep better.  <3

Furthermore, aside from helping adults sleep better, we were even more grateful about the discovery that the simple switching of a blanket, from synthetic to natural, can also help change the misconception that a lot of parents have about it being natural for babies to wake up distressed with tears throughout the night.  Yes, in today's world, we completely sense that it is "normal" for babies to experience that; but is it natural?  To us, the short answer is: No.


organic hemp baby blanketsBabies have skin too that breathes just like us adults and when the skin is suffocated like a synthetic band-aide wrapped around the finger, especially over night, they begin to sweat/prune just like that finger, which discomforts them to wake up like we do.  And when they are awoken by this discomfort, unlike us, they are not yet equipped with the capacity to peel off their clothes.  Then what else are they to do other than crying for help and when this happens, it not only wakes them up but it also wakes up their parents causing much grief and sleep deprivation over time.

organic hemp baby blanketsIf you're a new parent and have questioned whether or not it is worth it to pay a bit more for natural / organic clothes, food, etc., this is one of your many YES answers.  The benefits are often very subtle but still very worthwhile in the longer run because you ultimately get out what you put in, as the old adage goes.  Oh, and let's not forget about the time, money, and agony saved from the fever & flu-like symptoms that comes with consistently put your babies to sleep in one of those irresistibly cute but cheap synthetic onesies.  <--- lol.  For the time being, if you care more about the shorter term, you'll already get your monies worth from more sleep and better yet, quality sleep! 

Ultimately, it's your choice and whatever you end up doing, we're here to support your tough decisions.  Our goal is to simply provide an alternative perspective for those in need of one so we care not to judge; nor are we in any position to do so!  =) 

All the best to you and your loved ones!   <3 



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