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Just 6 months ago, Brittanny and I were looking to make some curtains for our new humble abode and being that we're into hemp, the most relevant choice at the time was to find a textile that's hemp, perfect in weight, rich in texture and intricate in its weaving.  Having gone through the swatch of textile available to us from our hemp distributing partner HempTraders (.com), we narrowed down the fabric choices to a 55% Hemp | 45% Organic Cotton Suede weave -- mind you, it's not a suede texture but rather a suede weaving pattern. 

Natural and Organic Hemp Curtains w/ Burlap Tabs

The second step was to cut & sew the fabric, which we had someone local to Long Beach in mind from Craigslist that we wanted to "test" since we were at the time in search for another local seamstress.  Her name is Carmen and with her nice touch, the curtains came out beautifully and we are not only happy about the results but equally happy, if not more, about the opportunity to meet Carmen.  For more details about this curtain, you can visit our Etsy store where we sell it to help support Carmen for reasons you'll discover below.


Natural and Organic Hemp Curtains w/ Burlap Tabs


Why We're Helping Carmen

After having met Carmen, who had recently moved from Seattle to an apartment a couple of miles away from us, we were quickly charmed by her presence and elaborate history as a child prodigy artist (painting/drawing), prominent lawyer, gourmet kitchen appliance store owner, seamstress, and sooooo much more.  Above all, she's given back so much of her time and financial resources in her orphanage charitable efforts to the many organizations that she ran and was a part of.  It was all overwhelming to us at first because we've never met someone as accomplished (all the while energetic & charismatic) as her but slowly as we got to know her more and more and seeing a lot of her work at her apartment, we were convinced that she's authentic in every way that she had expressed. 


Unfortunately, even having accomplished all the above, she had lost track of her finances and now finds herself struggling to get by @ age 65 making ends meet through her random sewing projects from Craigslist and a part-time teacher in a high school robotics class, meanwhile fighting actively for senior citizens' rights through written petitions to congress. 

And because we are inspired by her in so many ways, we wanted to help her by paying her to make things for us whenever we can think of anything we would otherwise buy.  However, being that we can only consume so much, we've decided to offer these custom hemp curtains that Carmen have custom made for us available for the public to purchase and to provide her more support as well as giving her all the profits--all without her knowledge. 

If you're one who happens to be in the market for curtains, you'd definitely want to consider these custom ones because they're seriously beautiful.  Obviously, we care not to pressure anyone so only consume if you find it fitting!  The link below will take you straight to our our Etsy shop where this can be purchased.

Thanks for reading and on behalf of Carmen, we appreciate you for your consideration and support.  =)


Natural and Organic Hemp Curtains w/ Burlap Tabs

 Organic Hemp Curtains w/ Burlap Tabs


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