Black Organic Cotton & Hemp Cheeky Briefs Women's Underwear



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Beginning today, we're only selling through our Etsy online store.  This will only be temporary until July of next year and we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

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These organic cotton & hemp panties are pesticide & chemical free. Elastic-band free eliminates discomfort & muffin tops and their breathable nature keeps your private parts dry & airy. Also, hemp keeps these organic panties extremely durable to last you much longer than your average cotton underwear.  Even more, they are the softest pair of organic underwear ever! These women's panties are a cheeky boy's briefs style.

**The black undies use low impact dyes from a small dye house in Los Angeles, Ca. Low-impact dyes is a type of dye that do not contain toxic chemicals or mordants, which binds the dye to the fabric.  This eco-friendly dye allows for a higher absorption rate in the fabric, 70-80%, which minimizes water waste during the rinse. 

If you'd like to buy more than 1, check out our Buy 3 for $54 listing by clicking here.

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