When we first started this business, we had desired to wholesale our products to give us a further reach into the marketplace as well as giving us the opportunity to work with other like-minded people.  But due to exercising certain unpopular business practices to increase the chances of higher quality & cleaner products, our initial high-cost didn't fit the current 100% markup wholesale model without charging a retail price we didn't feel comfortable with. 

Fortunately, now that we've been in business for almost 9 years, we're finally able to do so, one product at a time, starting with our Organic Cotton & Hemp Crew Socks in the 1-pack variant.  As we start to roll out other products for wholesale, such as our Men's Hemp Boxer Briefs, you should see them listed below with all the details such as MOQ and Product Images.  Additional colors for the Hemp Socks and Hemp Boxer Briefs will soon be released in the early 2019 year.

Thank you in advance for your interest in our products as well as spreading the many benefits of hemp! 

1.)  Organic Cotton & Hemp Crew Socks:  
Product listing details:  https://www.ilovebad.com/products/wholesale-hemp-crew-socks

Wholesale Price:  $7 per pair
Suggested Retail:  Your prerogative!
Minimum Quantity:  25 pairs
Shipping: FREE until the end of 2018 Year!