Brittanny, Daniel & Max i love badIn 2010, Daniel was continually complaining about his intense sweating nights when sleeping with a Polyester blanket his mother had given him.  After thoroughly researching into his case, we had discovered that anything inorganic (clothes, kitchenware, food, liquid, blankets, etc.) pressed against our skin, or placed in our biosphere even, presents an inharmonious radiation (vibration) that hinders our energy flow (the Chinese refer to this energy flow as Qi, pronounced 'Chee').  Likewise, the polyester blanket's disharmonious radiation blocked the inflow of oxygen into the body's largest breathing organ, the skin, hence causing the body to suffocate, heat up, and the sweat to keep it cool.

Though annoying, sweating isn't the worse that can happen.  Consistent exposure of this inharmonious radiation will increasingly disrupt flows of energy creating static and paving way for all forms of physical (rashes, eczema, arthritis, cancer, etc.) and even psychological disorders (impatience, restlessness, anxiety, depression, etc).  This of course stresses all aspects of our lives substantially making us look and feel older than we would otherwise.  With that in mind, sleeping on top of most inorganic mattresses is already disabling as it is but wrapping ourselves with a blanket made of entirely polyester, nylon, rayon, Styrofoam, and all variations of petroleum-based synthetic fibers worsens it.  Furthermore, we believe that wearing clothes made of similar fibers adds to the adverse effect.

Unfortunately, most companies that manufacture and sell inorganic blankets and other inorganic products are unaware of these harmful effects so there's really no one to blame nor do we care to find a blaming entity.  More importantly, now that we have a better understanding of this unpopular subject, we can start by slowly replacing most inorganic products around us with things that are less chemically made and more harmonious to our body's natural vibration/frequencies.

organic hemp blankets ( bad blankies )

To go about this, we had begun searching for an organic blanket to replace the synthetic blanket Daniel was sweating from but wasn't able to find any options suitable for our preference in terms of pricing, comfort, and design.  And rather than settling with something we weren't completely happy with, I had decided to get one made for Daniel instead and that led to our journey into discovering so much more about the benefits of natural fibers, specifically hemp--but we'll save that conversation for another time (scroll to the bottom).

It took us about a week to choose the fiber, create the design, source the materials and the maker and once we completed the construction of the blanket with the help of my aunt who's had about 20 years of cut & sew experience, the final product came out to be better than we had expected in that it had resolved Daniel's sleep-sweating problem, looks simply yet beautiful, is amazingly comfortable and very easy to maintain.  WE LOVED IT SO MUCH that we knew we had to make more for our family, friends, and everyone else that deals with this mysterious sleep-sweating problem or any other health problems that could have stemmed from their years of synthetic blanket usages. 

daniel and britt in yosemite!

And because this blanket was manifested from the energy of love, good health & appreciation for nature, we hope that you'll feel this same energy when Daniel and I make them for you!  To check them out, you can click here to be taken to the shop section of this site.

Lastly, if you've never owned any of our organic products and are curious about the experience, please take a minute to check out our customer reviews by clicking here.  Keep in mind that our business was on vacation from December 2016 - September 2017 due to an extended vacation so you won't see any reviews between those date.  Thanks for taking the time to visit and we hope for the opportunity to serve you one day!  <3 britt + daniel