The Best Organic Products for Your Everyday

What's Up Fellow Naturalists!!

the best organic essentials you can buy!Switching to a healthier natural & organic lifestyle is easier said than done.  First off, it can be expensive when you're not used to spending the kinda money that quality demands.  Secondly, there can be quite a bit of products out there to choose from so it's a bit overwhelming to know where to start!  For those 2 reasons alone, we've designated this page to be a helpful resource for those looking to replace all their chemically unhealthy products to healthier alternatives compiled from our experience with products we felt were of awesome organic-ness, not too costly, as well as getting their intended job done well. =)   We hope you'll find this page helpful and please share with a friend if you think they can benefit from it!  

Also, by clicking & purchasing from the product links below, we get 4% of what you spend from Amazon to contribute towards charitable organizations that currently supports orphanages, senior citizens, disabled & animals!!   thank you!




1.  Essential Oxygen:  A most natural mouth wash & teeth treatment to combat BAD breathe and Receding Gums!

We've known hydrogen peroxide to be quite the natural remedy for lots of things like cuts / burns / mouthwash and what not.  However, when used as a mouthwash, it's not very pleasant so I personally didn't find it enjoyable.  A few years later after that trial, here's comes this product that is hydrogen peroxide based, yet it includes a bunch of other most natural ingredients, i.e. lots of essential oils such as peppermint, lemon, eucalyptus & more!  Together with hydrogen peroxide @ 1% food grade, the magic happened and we're so so so happy to have found this product at our local organic store in Long Beach, CA.  I've used it and immediately the following morning, my wife said that my morning breath is gone.  She also swears that her receding gums and slight cavities are healing itself, despite dentists saying that it's not possible!  Don't take our words for it & click below to read more reviews or to try out this product.  And when you know that it works, you can also come back to click on the 3 pack link which we've been purchasing because we use it several times throughout the day.  Can be a bit pricey but I suppose it comes out to be less than the dentist visits or even deteriorating our teeth / social experiences!  <3 daniel



2.  Teddie Organics and/or Heritage Rose Water:  A toning, refreshing, moisturizing, feel good lift for the face.

Rose water is so versatile & makes you feel so good in so many ways. I spritz it on my face (& it's even gentle enough & moisturizing for the eyes!) after washing my face to prep & dampen my skin for moisturizer every morning & night. It soothes the skin, has anti-bacterial properties & it's uplifting light scent makes you feel like a goddess. You can also use it to set makeup or as a pick me up throughout the day & a must on long flights!  Below are two brands that we appreciate and we now prefer the Teddie brand over the Heritage because of the glass bottle over the plastic bottle but they both seem to be equally uplifting otherwise!



3.  Radius Recycled Toothbrush: A vegetable-based bristle, with an upcycled ergonomic handle & replaceable bristle heads that stimulate the gums.

Natural bristles, replaceable-heads cut down on waster & these brushes get my teeth feeling clean & smooth whilst stimulating the gums. I couldn't agree more with the reviews that say its an overall "enjoyable brushing experience" & "superior clean." & the company is operated in a women-owned, family-run and operated solar-powered facility in Pennsylvania. Couldn't ask anymore from a toothbrush!  Simply put, putting cheap refined oil products in your mouth is a choice we care not to exercise.


4.  Dr. Bronner's: Lovely, simple, universal, uber versatile soap

Depending on how much you dilute the soap, it is gentle enough for the face, body & hair, yet powerful enough for dish washing, laundry & even pest control. I personally use the Lavender for my daily body wash & Peppermint on hot days or when I'm feeling like an extra tingle. I also use the peppermint as an alternative for my toothpaste about 3 times a week. I've also used the peppermint in a mix to combat spider mites on my houseplants & to clean my wood floors! This is the best soap to also bring for camping as it can be used for everything & is completely biodegradable and vegetable-based.



5. Karite Shea Butter Vanilla Lip Balm :

The only lip balm I've found that truly moisturizes deeply & is long-lasting. I still find this balm as effective since the first day I used it over 2 years ago & I use nothing else, and believe that I've tried almost everything.  <3 britt


6. Pura d'or Argan Oil : Liquid gold for the skin

If I was only allowed to pick one moisturizer for my face to bring on a deserted island, this would be it. There have been many a time where this Argan Oil is my solitary facial moisturizer & it's great for travel because it's great as a body moisturizer as well, so super versatile. I do use a triad of facial oils now with Argan being 1 of the 3 just to give my face a bit more variety in treatment, but this stuff is balancing, effective & a great price.


7. Swisspers Organic Q-tips : Gentle & truly clean organic cotton

Swisspers organic cotton is grown by a cooperative of small family-owned farms & everything else about these is just right too. :)  Also, it works just like the real deal and despite how unimportant these ear cleaners seem, we find them so essential to our everyday ear cleaning! 


8. Nutiva Organic Hemp Oil : Silky, Nutty, Omega 3's

We feed this to our dog everyday & add it into our recipes as well. Nutiva's Hemp oil is packed with 33% pure digestible protein and is rich in iron and vitamin E as well as omega-3 and GLA. Hemp is one of the rare plants with essential fatty acides (EFA) that replicate the oils in our skin so it's been used through the ages for anti-aging skin and health. =)  Hence, I've also been known to moisturize my skin with this oil as well! 


9. Nutiva Coconut Oil :

The benefits of coconut oil internally & externally go way beyond what I can sum up here. I use coconut oil to cook, in my green tea, as a healthy treat for my dog, lubricant, candle making, make-up remover & really the list can go on & on....


10. Desert Essence Tea Trea Oil Floss :

Has a lovely tea tree oil flavor & no chemicals. Gets the job done, well and Daniel uses them constantly because his teeth for some strange reason attracts and hold food like a bear getting ready for hibernation!  Fortunate for him, he's not the type to be embarrassed of those natural occurrences but sadly for me, I have to see and smell it in his breath sometimes.  With the new mouth rinse in section #1 however, that hasn't been an issue in a while!  hehe <3 britt


11. Desert Essence Natural Tea Tree Toothpaste :

If you're used to the traditional "paste" for the teeth brushing, here's our most favorite natural one that works well.  Love the flavor, light & fresh.Fluoride & SLS free. Gets teeth & breath clean, especially when used after the Essential Oxygen Brushing Rinse, no bad breathe or plaque in sight!!! 


12. Natracare Organic Tampons : 

Organic tampons are a total necessity with all the synthetic, chemical laden ones out on the market. These do have a cardboard applicator, so you need to push the tampon out of the tip of the applicator a bit before inserting for more ease, but otherwise they work like any other tampon but without all the unnecessary terrible things.  Obviously as a female, you'll go through a bunch of different kinds to work and for me, this is truly the best so far.


13. Weleda Citrus Deoderant :

Non-aerosol spray uses the juice of pressed lemons, along with aromatic plant essences, to keep you feeling fresh. It helps to maintain the natural regulating functions of the skin. Provides an immediate feeling of freshness and a sense of well-being and keeps you from spraying those nasty chemicals directly on your skin which of course then gets absorbed into the body.  YUCK!  Lemon is known to naturally cancel out bacteria so this one is quite self explanatory however, it is not magical if your odor is uncontrollably intense.  Nonetheless, worth the try we believe as it totally works for us!


14. Eminence Stone Crop Face Wash :

A luxurious, gentle gel face wash that cleanses while it moisturizes. Feels extremely calming & healing as it's #1 ingredient is a stone crop juice & pulp.


15. Eminence Stone Crop Hydrating Mist :

When you're in need for some extra moisture, healing & protection, this hydrating toner is what I rotate with my rose water before moisturizing. I really feel it seal in the moisture & I especially use it when my skin is acting up & needs some calming down.


16. Yogi Kava Stress Relief Tea

If you have any stress in your life, Kava is your new best friend. This tea is wonderfully aromatic & full of warm spices, but just read the reviews on the wonders of Kava, it seriously takes the edge off of any bad day or moment. Meditation, breathing deep, & wine is definitely my number 1 stress relievers, but when you just need that extra something & you're "too stressed" to meditate or breathe, here is your best friend, Kava. If you like this tea & want something even a bit stronger, go for the Kava Extract at your local health food store. :)


17. J.R. Watkins Natural All Purpose Cleaner, Lavender :

Clean, effective, great scent & all-purpose.


18. J.R. Watkins Handsoap

Lovely & gentle.


19. Seventh Generation Natural Laundry Detergent

Gets clothes clean with a very light scent. 


20. Earth Rated Dog Poopie Bags

Biodegradable & great quality, these bags makes it easy and environmentally friendly for your daily dog poop picking, especially since it comes with those bag holder that you can attach to the leash!  I personally prefer unscented because the scented ones get redundant when you're using them 2-3 times a day, but they do come in a pretty decent lavender scent too! & once you see how much you love these, definitely upgrade to the bulk size for over 3 times the quantity yet less than 2 times the price!  I've bought the bulk pack several times over the years now... So long as you have a dog, you will have poop....


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