Top 5 Hemp Essential Oils

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best top 5 hemp essential oil

As an essential oil enthusiast, we've used and carry almost every essential oil imaginable and numerous brands for the same kind just to see what has the best balance of fragrance and purity.  As of last year, one essential oil that has grabbed my attention was one distilled from Hemp.  Of course, with us being hemp lovers, you know this is something we had to have in our arsenal but at the time it came into our awareness, there weren't that many options out there to test.  Even today, despite having more options, there are still only a few and below are some for you to choose from!  They're all great but I'll rank them starting from my favorite.

Keep in mind that the hemp essential oils are not as floral smelling as some of the other sweet aromas but instead is on the grassy woodsy side.  I've grown to acquire & love this smell after several applications (plus I'm biased due to hemp =) but I can see why some would consider it a bit too harsh & spicy at first as it was for me initially. 


 Brand / Company   Item + Tax + Shipping   Origin
 1.) Edens Garden  $48.95 + tax + shipping = $58   France
 2.) HempSupplies  $36 + tax + $8 shipping = $44   France
 3.) Eden Botanicals  $55 + tax + FREE shipping = $60   Italy
 4.) HempTraders  $25 + tax + $10.10 shipping = $35   France
 5.) Miracle Botanicals  $61.97 + tax + free shipping = $67   Canada

*You can click on the store names above to purchase one of the amazing hemp essential oil options that vibes with ya the most!


All the oils I've tested in the 5 options above are distilled pretty well and are quite similar to the nose.  This is pretty expected as most essential oils tend to be straightforward unless they're mixed with other essential oils or if they've been stored improperly.

I hope this post helps and to save ya a bit more time, I'll be returning to this post to add additional details in regards to the hemp essential oil's therapeutic value!





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