50,000 American Express Gold Sign Up / Referral Bonus

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Well, first, within 3 months of receiving the card, you'll have to spend $2,000 for the points to be released for the regular Gold Card points and $5,000 if you choose to get the Business Gold as well, should you happen to have a business. 

Brittanny and I have had our business for the past 9 years, though small at first, we did spend $15-$20,000 each year in expenses.  Unbeknownst to this Loyalty Points earning system with American Express and other credit card providers, we had used a bank debit card instead and had skipped out on the opportunity to earn points that leads to really cool rewards such as a Round Trip Business Class ticket to Japan (from LAX) for only 75,000-85,000 points.  There are quite a lot more rewards to choose from but since the RT business class fare that I mention above with ANA air can cost up to $5,000 during the busy season, to us, that's the only reward on our radar really because we care to travel to SE Asia every year so LAX to Japan is a very useful route for us.  Likewise, if you've traveled to those regions before, you darn well know how tiring and uncomfortable it can get flying coach for 14-20 hours.  Though we've never done business before on a distance that deserving of one, we've heard stories and we're so ready to experience it with the help of these AMEX points.


That said, if earning points is something you're into like me at the very moment, clicking the link below will take you straight to the AMEX site to sign up for the personal GOLD CARD, in metal gold or metal rose gold.  Unlike the regular offer from American Express, this referral code will offer you 50,000 points instead but keep in mind that you'll need to spend $2,000 to release these points within the first 3 months of receiving the card.

50,000 american express gold card referral bonus (amex)

Regular Gold Card 4x Points details:  You get 4x the points of every dollar spent on groceries and restaurants (up to $25,000 which is 100,000 points).  To us, that incentive is good enough for us to feel like we can easily attain 100k points annually because our annual dining and groceries expense easily surpass that.  Other things to note are the $120 dining credit and the $100 airline credit along with the $250 annual fee.  You can click the link above or google it for details since quite a bit of people have written about it.



American Express Business Gold 50k points referral


















Because you can combine all your American Express card points (everyday card, platinum, gold, & business, etc), it makes sense to stick within the family. The main reason we got the business gold is for the 3x points for every dollar spent on Gas for our vehicle.  With about $4,000 spent on gas annually, that's another 12,000 points.  This along with our annual $20,000 in expenses should earn us about 40k in total a year.

Other details to keep in mind is that there is no annual fee the first year but a $175 fee the following year.  To read more and apply, you can click the image/link to the left.





American Express Platinum 60k points referral


If you're also an avid traveler like we are, then the platinum card would likely be a great addition to your family of AMEX cards to further help rack up the points.  With a 5x points per dollar spent on hotels & flights, this will sure help quite a bit.  And the real kicker for us here is the network of airport lounges we have been able to tap into throughout the world which makes the airport transfer miserable to enjoyable, something we never thought we'd live to see.  Additionally, they do offer 60k bonus points to sign up and just like the business gold card above, you'll also have to spend $5,000 within 3 months to release the points.  However, unlike the gold business card, the annual fee isn't waived the first year and instead of $175, it'll be $550.  To ease that initial cost, this card does offer $200 uber credit ($15/month +$35 in december).  Likewise, you also get $200 airline credit for incidental expenses like a seat upgrade, glass, or wine or snacks while flying.  For more details, you can click the image above to read and apply.

Welp, now that I've fully expressed my recent enthusiasm for these credit card points game, I'm going to put it to rest now and hope that you'll find the above information useful as you work towards earning them for the rewards that fits you best.  Again, the free RT business flights on the amazing ANA Air is our biggest incentive to earn these points and if I'm not mistaken, it's one of the best, if not the way, way to maximize the values of these points.  Thanks for reading and feel free to message me below if you have any questions!

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